INSRT - Incertae Sedis Nullsec Industry and PvP

Incertae Sedis “INSRT”, is a EU/USTZ Joint Industrialist and PvP Corporation started in 2010, returning from J-Space to Nullsec as a member of LAWN Alliance in Delve. We’re looking to expand our numbers with new members - Veterans and New Capsuleers are both welcome!

Industrialists & Miners - we offer you access to our Corp BPO library, with hundreds of researched BPO’s ready to be copied and built. Through alliance and coalition we have some of the best infrastructure in the game. Be able to easily traverse the region in minutes in a subcap via the jumpgates, or via capital with a network of safe cyno’s on Keepstars. This infrastructure for travel, combined with refineries and engineering complexes in nearly every system enable us to be highly competitive in any market.

PvP - what we’re offering you is access to experienced FC’s in the corp who lead coalition fleets from subcaps to capitals, as well as access to Alliance (LAWN) and Coalition (Imperium) Fleets. Hundreds of fleets go out each month, if you ever found yourself itching for a fleet - it is usually 30min-1hr away depending on the activities you are interested in pursuing.

If you’re interested in learning more about INSRT, and the application process - please head over to our in game channel: INSRT-PUB and hit up one of the recruiters listed in the MOTD.

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Looking for more people. Drop by the pub and say hi!

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Come by and say hi!!

Still growing and recruting!

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Come say hi to us.

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Recruiters online and waiting.

Hi, come talk to us.

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