Insta locking Federation navy fleets of death

insta locking Federation navy fleets of death

so whos bright idear at ccp is to have Federation Navy gate camping

fleets of 20 Federation Navy ships, bs to frig sitting on gates in gal low or high sec around fw space
with insta locking, scram, point, web, neuting, ewar and so much dps
no real chance to fight back vrs the insta locking Federation navy fleets of death
and good standing with the Federation Navy faction dose not help if your Gallente Federation faction standing is very bad
these Federation Navy fleets are like the material acquisition fleets

it seem that only the Federation Navy faction is doing this so very unbalanced iv look at the other factions navys

Federation Navy Federation Navy | Kills | Corporation | zKillboard

these factions have gate guns in low sec not insta locking navy fleets of death

Caldari Navy Caldari Navy | Kills | Corporation | zKillboard

Amarr Navy Amarr Navy | Kills | Corporation | zKillboard

Republic Fleet Republic Fleet | Kills | Corporation | zKillboard

can you explain this CCP -----

im a pvper if my ship dies it should be other eve pilots doing this,

not some random npc insta locking navy fleets of death
this realy is bad game play if i wanted npc crap i would do npc missons and sites

but im hunting a round for plot driven content not insta locking navy fleets of death bull ■■■■

Is this part in the new fw stuff were the npc are the killers and not the eve pilots
then its step in the wrong direction the way fw works could do with some in provement but not ■■■■ like this

also on side note it seem the ccp are offering some accounts that used to be omega, a discount invite to resub with free fitted ship.
i thought we all agreed no fitted ships to be sold buy ccp

CCP enemys of eve online set them red shoot on sight


I bet it’s #CCPQualityCoding striking again and they just “forgot” to turn off the smuggler event NPC.


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Hehe, I just come from a “let’s make a pve-only server because pvp is non-consensual” thread. Did I just land myself into a new thread for “let’s make a pvp-only server because part of pve is non-consensual” ? The irony.

I can understand OP’s reaction to his loss, it’s not that much different from mine. The simple solution for not getting ganked by these diamond NPC’s is to put the three constellations (see my thread link in the above post) on your avoidance list, or find a way to draw them away from the gate.


You did it to yourself. Blame Seep if you want, but the verdigris gauntlet continues to crush.

It’s great to see the Federation Navy in action, doing its intended job, keeping us safe.


It’s because your security standing recently dropped below -5.0 and you are now being hunted by Faction Police who hunt criminals in addition to Faction Navy who hunt war targets. Unlike the Faction Navy the Faction Police does scram and has a much faster lock on and response time aswell as more damage. Also sentry guns will shoot you if you are perma flashy. You have to make sure that you are not doing crimes like killing pods or attacking non suspect players unless you want to pay to repair your security status regularly.

If you were shot down by Diamond Faction Police those are new ones that were added on May 7th. They are related to the Smuggler Event Arc and only appear in certain Constellations that appeared in the video message. Scope News: “Federation Navy and Customs in Kiartanne, Obray, and Patrie Constellations Reportedly Mobilizing to High Alert”.

Insta locking Federation navy fleets of death

Insta locking Federation navy fleets of death

Gate guns in low sec

Not insta locking navy fleets of death

Not insta locking navy fleets of death bull ■■■■

CCP enemys of eve online

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