Question about new (?) npc type

Lost a ship last night in Mesybier (0.5 system) to a blob of faction police (??) (Federation Navy) on entering the system. The Gallente hate me, after many years of simple hisec missioning. Up to now I’ve always been able to dodge them during transits. However…

  • the faction police showed on dscan as diamond npcs now (never noticed that before ?!)
  • I got targeted, webbed AND scrammed as soon as I dropped gate cloak by initiating a fleet warp
  • the “time to warp” value for my ship was 5 seconds

Is it normal for the FacPo to now behave like they were Concord ? Were there any changes in the last half year about FacPo behavior ?

I hope this is a fluke or else literally half of highsec would suddenly be closed to me due to this, unless flying an instawarp. And to anyone who plans on running along with the Factional Warfare changes that are in the works, beware, your movements may get restricted by a considerable factor lol.

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Those are not FacPo. FacPo in Mesybier is usually Roden Police XYZ. There are lots of kills with Federation Navy Diamond NPC in the systembut those are usually only found in Trig/Edencom MV systems but Mesybier is not such a system. If those are FacPo changes, they are not documented at all.

It looks like this stuff started to appear on 7 May. Before that date, there were no Federation Navy Thorax/Vexor or Incursus Diamond NPC kills reported.


Thanks. So, for my understanding, what is the role in the game for these Fed Navy diamond npc’s then ? You say they started to appear on May 7th ? Would that be one of the “mysteries” that ccp announced on fanfest perhaps ? Seems a bit overly restrictive to people who get some income from mission running in hisec and drop below -5 standing with a faction…

Btw, they do appear as red on my overview and on-screen brackets.

Maybe this is related to (continuation of) the new smuggler event stuff or something? :thinking: Just a guess.

It looks like you’ve experienced a standings-related setback, friend. But don’t despair, as I have good news: skill extractors are currently on sale in the EVE store! You can quickly get back into the action in your favorite Gallente systems by extracting all of your skill points, starting up a new character, and using the injectors to get it up to speed on its training. And don’t forget to pick up a few of the packs in the store as well, as the skill points and boosters included in them will help you make up the difference that you’ve lost to injection taxes. But don’t wait too long, because the sale will only on on for a limited time!

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Sounds like an overly lengthy and convoluted legitimate trade offer from Jita local. :upside_down_face:

I think you’re right.

  1. Went back to the May 7th video about the smugglers. In the banner in the bottom - 13 seconds into the video - three constellations are mentioned : Patrie (in Essence, Mesybier is one of the systems of that constellation), Kiartanne and Obray (both in Verge Vendor).
  2. Cross-checked it on zkill. Those are indeed all the systems that have entries with these types of diamond npc’s (and no other systems).

That solves that little mystery then.

As for my and other people’s losses, I don’t know what a Smuggler related thing should have to do with standings vs. Gallente, lol. Trust the Gallente to shoot anyone they don’t happen to like, even unrelated to Smuggling ? Not the best of storylines for an event. After the triglavian shenanigans in hisec, now the Gallente ? At least trig standings are easy to fix…


Maybe the usual CCP Quality Coding™ so as a consequence probably is an unintended Feature™ :upside_down_face:

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I think we will be soon fighting or at least picking sides again to fight the SARO forces or defend them.

Their role is killing you.

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Maybe this new behavior by FacNav regarding negative faction standing will be an example to stimulate a better response from FacPo in regards to criminal standings. Now if CCP could have a graduated response time and force based on the player’s standing, then perhaps it would put both more variation in gameplay, as well as making each one’s choices have more weight.

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