Wondering what happened here?

Hello ,

I was roaming in null sec doing combat site data/relic with my tengu , i was alone in system . At each gate there is always a few npc at gate but this time they were like 15 + dont know exactly .

When i arrived at gate i was insta scram, webbed and neuted (by Blood raiders Omen and cruor) . In 3 Sec (see the screenshot ) i received several k damage and barely made it to the other side of the gate with no shield and half armor .

Made some research but didnt find any answers.
So here is my question what is that ? how to scout for that ? how to avoid them ? any tips welcome.

There was no incursions around that system.


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Did those NPCs have a diamond symbol in front of their names? If so, then there is a Blood raiders’ FOB in that system so they: camp gates and stations (if any), attack player-owned citadels, mine at belts, have a response fleet ready in case their miners get attacked etc.

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yeah they had a diamond symbol in front of their names. Now what s a fob ? :slight_smile:

Gonna look for that on google.

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F.O.B. - Forward Operation Base. Basically an NPC citadel than can be seen on DScan, scanned down with probes and destroyed for some ISK, although its better be done in a fleet.

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F**king overpowered bastards. Research advised.


Hell yeah nearly lost my ship in matter of seconds including lock time. Any way to know in advance if there is a fob going on in a system ? so that i can avoid it ?

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I’m afraid the info is in the agency window only afaik

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In Hisec the FOB shows up in the overview, not sure if it does in Null.

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FOBs in nullsec? Nope. This is the big brother, an NPC Sotiyo. Not sure if those will be shown in the agency like FOBs.

You can kill the Sotiyo solo with a couple Titans multiboxed.


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