Insta locking Tornado in Highsec

Was just in a fleet fight as logi got alphad by enemy tornado fleet and they warped away as quick. you cant even lock up logi being primed in time. They lock in 0.5 seconds and you are gone. I think there should be some kind of lock speed limitation on bigger ships. I would like to have a chance to save people in a logi ship but having a battlecruiser able to insta lock is absurd . Cant even bubble them since highsec so cant catch them out

You were outplayed. It happens to all of us at different times.

Take it as an opportunity to improve your own game, not one to ask CCP to step in and make changes instead.

Attack Battlecruisers should be good at attacking. They are pretty much glass cannons when they do so. The summary on the EVE-Uni Wiki is a good one and it’s the way the ship should be:

The Tornado was made to do one thing and one thing only: blow the ever loving crap out of anything that is unfortunately preoccupied with other threats. Like other attack battlecruisers, this ship is all gank and no tank.


But what is counterplay in that case? Such tornados on your side?

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Yeah what is this league of legends forums? Theres no outplay to this
At least not in highsec. So making a Battlecruiser hit and align like a frigate is ok…if thats the case maybe all ships should align like frigates.
Also why are you trying to say I am not skilled…do you not see what alliance I am in man?

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Well I was in logi and yet I dont get insta lock and second…a scram would be nice but they align like a frigate

Well, if tornado pilot would be carefull, tornado would stay aligned after warping in and when spotting a tackler frigate, he would warp away. But there is a bit of time when he would have to align from stop. Its really a bring the same stuff but more, or hunt a guy using long point tackler. Needs fleet. And still he would deal a lot of damage dying, just one volley is a big deal. I dont know how with tracking, but he could maybe even dispatch a tackler.

Death to the logi cancer!

There’s a few things.

  1. Use a shield fleet so that reps land at the start of the cycle, not the end.
  2. Have sufficient logi support that you can rep through the alpha.
  3. Ladar ECM that is also sensor boosted, to try to stop the nados early
  4. Use sniping DPS (and logi), to increase the range to the Nados and then use small sig tackle
  5. If not (4) - Bring DPS large enough to not be vollied, so logi can be at range initially. Maximise resists
  6. Upgrade logi to Nestors

Those are just a few things.

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Stealth Bomber, recon. Anything they can’t see before they get pointed. And also anything with massive range that can’t be alpha’d.

Your counter to that sensor boost tornado is interceptors. Not only do nados not have any tank but they didnt fit any tank. They didnt fit any damage mods either. Ceptors will sig tank them and if they catch one it will die.

A malediction has a point range bonus and can go over 5k with a nanofiber internal structure 2, overdrive injection system 2 and dc2 in the lows.

You wont deal any damage but you dont need to deal that much as they have no tank. Just burn at them on warp in.

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Also that dude you linked has 7 kills on his kb. If you can catch some one it could be him.

Guardians, etc have low signature radius. Use an anchor and keep your logi moving at range from the fight. If u are using an ab and keeping your transversal up the nados should have a hard time hitting you.

The other easy thing you can do if you have the numbers is have a cloaked scanner on grid with a handful of cloaked sb. Have your combats already deployed. When the snipe fleets lands you scan and have your sb land right on top of them. Since your sb are instalock you would be very unlucky if you didn’t catch some.

With 30 Nados shooting you, I’d expect you to die quite quickly. I’m not sure what the exact complaint is here. Looks like you guys were having a bit of a brawl and people died.

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I’ve got an instalok Nado for station camping flashy’s at Jita and Amarr on occasion… They are a specialty fit with a single purpose. To quickly lock and kill ships that can’t withstand their 10k ish… alpha. With numbers that target increases, but they have a long reload and if they don’t get off grid they will get killed rather quickly themselves.

Eve is not suppose to be fair lol its about who can be more unfair effectivly


Move, Tornado is built to mess you up if you are not moving. If your logi is balled up you are asking for it. Then when your logi spreads out they are better targets for different attackers. That was the counter play. Watching your Dscan to know where and when the Nados are showing up is the counter play. There are tons of ways to deal with something like this. It is designed to be a force multiplier. You need to bring your own Force multipliers. In this case I would look to Griffins, or Maulus.

Ewar frigs is a good idea. 10 griffins should stop a lot of damage from 30 nados.

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