Instant lock fleet m8's

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

When fleeted with others, if you need to target them to logi them or send drones to defend them your lockon takes normal PVP timers.

But if you’re fleeted with a player you already have comms and target information passing through everyone within the fleet, this in theory means you have all ID Tags of each ship.

So with all this information a fleet member lock should be instant, and not governed by the normal target locking rules.

Is there a New Citizen question here? Or is this just some suggestion that belongs in a different subforum?

I’m not sure I’m seeing a new player question here.

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Not sure where it should go.

Ship sensors are not linked in a fleet unless remote assitance modules are used. And in order to target and track target you have to focus your sensors on the point of space where your target is or will be in the next moment as precisely as you can - this would explain time requirement to “lock” target and limit to number of targets you can “lock”

I know all this. I don’t need someone to example how to target.

I’m asking why when in a fleet you can’t instant lock friend fleet ships.
As this would be a major benefit for logi players and drone players.

Just makes common sense.

logis as is are already a major benefit in fleet, there is no need to make it even easier for them, imo.

Don’t know after the remote rep nuff a little while ago.

But in fleet operations it would handy to be able to throw drones on a fleet mate whos in trouble using the defend target option, but with the standard locking time, by the time you get him/her locked the drones won’t help.

That nerf doesnt really affect subcap battles, unless you bring way too many logis in which case it doesn’t matter anyway.

Faster locking times for friendlies will also diminish effectiveness of damps and ECM and the latter, after all the changes, is fairly good against logis atm.

being in a fleet already allows you to use broadcasts and watch list. Here are the advantages, as compared with sending remote reps to a ship who is not in your fleet. Instalock and instareps is a very bad idea.
The difficulty for attackers is already to kill a ship before logi reps land on him. I suggest you to read the very good post from Jintaan here
Giving more adavantage to logis is stupid, since balance is already hard to maintain in pvp; Remember that faxes have been recently nerfed because they were too powerful.
and i agree with other comments: your post has nothing to deal with New Citizen’s Q/A. You shoudl post it in the suggestions section, where you will be probably get a “NO” as answer

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