Nerfing Instawarping

For the sake of argument … instawarp = sub 2s align time.

Personally I find it rather unbalanced that vessels, this includes pods, have the ability to instawarp thus being impossible to catch in HS and LS.

A sub 2s align time abuses CCPs Server Ticks and even instalockers cant catch the vessel.

Risk vs Reward seems to be far off towards reward regarding instawarping ships, especially considering pods that contain expensive clones / implants. Especially pods are impossible to catch in LS and HS outside of stupidity.

Sub 1s align is impossible to catch.

Sub 2s align isn’t impossible to catch.

Sub 3s is relatively hard to catch.

Sub 4s is still relatively hard to catch unless you have a fast locking frigate.

etc. Nerf server ticks.

Also, bring sensor boosters and remote sensor boosters. Especially in HS where you’re not required to have a well-rounded combat capable ship as CONCORD kind of protects you, you can fly ships that are completely specialised in having high scan resolution to catch those sub 2s align ships.


Can be caught reliably by using another server speciality, so equality of arms. 3s align is guaranteed death. So if you remove this little chaos on the lower end of numbers nothing but cloakies would be able to escape a camp ever again.


That sounds reasonable i.e. a goal to work towards to be fair

No that sounds like a bad goal.

Gate camps shouldn’t be able to catch everything. And neither should there be ships that cannot be caught. Either of those options would result in binary gameplay.

It’s much better when there is a scale of different options and that things that work to catch one type of ship are not able to catch another type of ship. Much like it is now. Right now ships can be caught with the right setup and gate camps can be escaped from with the right setup. But if you happen to bring the wrong ship for the situation (shuttle to a smartbomb gatecamp, or cloaked ship to a decloaking gatecamp) you can lose. That’s a good balance.


Not even those. Remember how cloaks have a hidden spoolup time? If you manage to lock a ship that in the process of cloaking, the cloak doesn’t work.

However, since we are in the Age of Implement Memes, removal of insta-warp ceptors is surely on the table of things that Rattati and Psych can and will ruin.

Smart bombs are there to kill the instawarpers.


How about nerfing nerfs

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To the OP: you’ve made a statement of opinion…but I fail to see an actual suggestion? What are you proposing?

Is an align time that fast actually achievable in-game without aligning in advance?

Not that it impacts the topic, I’m just curious if it’s possible; the fastest align times I’ve seen are all greater than 1 second.

But then we’ll have to deal with people asking CCP to nerf the nerfing nerfs and that would get ugly right quick…

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Hecate and Jackdaw can do it.

Hecate in Propulsion mode with Nomad implants, align rigs and bling inertial stabilizers:

As you only need to get below 1.0 you can probably skip some of the implants and bling and still be aligning within 1 second.


Interesting. You learn something new every day.



Exhibit A

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