Install linux eve

I dont know how this forum works at all, uts extremely confuseing

I put snorlax launcher on my ubuntu and it doesnt launch the gme

i put play and it just says to put stop, but no other option, no game runner

how do i do it now

i couldnt create shortcuts either, it said error

i dont know how linux works, i just cant afford more, pls help

install windows 10 ā€¦ its easy ā€¦ you can activate it with any windows 7 and windows 8/81. key
thats arround 10$ or ā‚¬ online to buy or get a old sticker somewhere at a recycle site
thats the cheapest way and you dont have to mess arround with linux


mk. next payday. ty

thats the cheapest way to get a windows 10 license and the best thing its 100% legal
maybe a friend has an old unused PC with a license sticker ā€¦ then its maybe free

a windows 7, 8 or 8.1. home gets a windows 10 home
pro gets pro ā€¦ and so on ā€¦

hope it helps


(0xC0000005) for b1438831 is the error code i get in loglite. The launcher goes, but the client crashes back to launcher now.

Iā€™m afraid you are in the wrong section.

moved to a more appropriate forum

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