Can't keep game window open

I’ve installed using Snorlax’s evelauncher, it launches fine. The game launches great. I can click on things, open my inventory, etc. However, if I try to click and drag, resize a chat window or inventory window, or station spin, the game crashes. But the launcher stays up and relaunches just fine. I don’t know where to look for any errors. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 using all the stock settings on the evelaucher.

Using the LogLite built into the laucher, the failure I get is: “Failed to get a valid ballpark in time after trying 30 times”

Which wine version do you use? Some one from Snorlax or the ubuntu-version?

I use the default wine that came with the launcher from Snorlax.

If you’re still having trouble with the Linux launcher then try to use Ubuntu’s WINE and simply install the Windows version of the game. Don’t forget to set WINE with winecfg into “Windows XP”-mode and to start the EVE client(s) in DX9 if you don’t have a strong graphics card.

Have a look on my thread or do, what Whitehound suggest, but DON’T use the wine versions from Snorlax anymore. My thread was here:

EVE Installing

See the last postings

As I said in my OP, the installer works, the launcher works, clicking on things works. It’s just when I try to click and drag does Eve crash.

The game runs in wine. Wine as packaged with the launcher is rather ancient. This is why people are trying to get you to reinstall or otherwise use the ‘other eve’ and not the packaged version with the launcher.

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@Gharim_Turen Your website says to read the Readme.txt on how to use your scripts. However, I can’t seem to find any Readme.txt in the archives. I am a total noob when it comes to the arcane settings for wine.

If you use Kubuntu 18.04 just download the Installer Package. Then open Konsole, change to the download directory and change the permissions from with the command

chmod a+x

then execute following command

sudo ./

this will install the launcher which are later stay in your Application menu

I forget to mention that you should install wine-development and winetricks before. The installer searches for both packages and will nothing do, if you dont have minimal wine installed.
The other archives are not needed anymore since i has an AUR and an Installer package created, the are just for seeing how it works.

Hmpf you use Ubuntu not Kubuntu. Then you should use Terminal instead of Konsole.

I’ve gotten your launcher working, however, the game crashes every time it tries to launch.

First things first: the launcher is not from me, he’s from Snorlax. From me are only the installer and the scripts, which are there to get the launcher running.

Please check the launcherlog <full date and time> .txt which you can access from the launcher menu for error messages about wine. I think, there is the glitch. If you have previous started some older wine-versions which are now prevent the launch from the distribution wine version.

How do I go about cleaning out all instances of previous attempts to run the game using older wine versions.

Did you have found the logfile? The glitch with older wine versions are only a guess at this time. Search the logfile first, there should be some errors described.

Ok, it appears that I have everything working. What I was doing was using the default wine version that came with my distro, 3.01. I installed wine-staging which pushed me to 3.9. And the game now runs.

Hmm, thats not the solution which i prefer but hey, EVE runs that is, what counts :slight_smile:

Oops, the logfile was named as “launcherlog-2018.06.05-” and not as
“launcherlog-2018.06.05-” my fault. It is maybe from interest, which errors are in your log files anyway, so if you please have a look…

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