Instead of burning with the help of the stars why dump the garbage into space?

Subject: Garbage desposal at space and questions about its prefered location.

While working for some Caldari State Agents (for state corps) I have been sent into some missions recently which contains areas full of garbage and other stuff. And dont make a mistake this is not just a space debris from a unkown battle its definelty the garbage of stations and plantery installations some sites even labeded as “general desposal site” etc so the question come to mind…

Why dump your garbage in the middle of no where instead of throwing out to a nearby star. The mass and the heat of the stars in New Eden are relativelty big so anything sent in their way will be vaporized and kinda destroyed without leaving any kind of waste behind.

What is your opinions about this ?

Edit: I just took a screenshot with my camera drones. Just replace the ship with a garbage hauler and imagine that you sent your cargo (garbage) from that distance its gonna get burned pretty quickly regardles if it falls to the surface or sits in a stable close orbit the result will be the same…


So you don’t get burned, I guess?

Yeah but a hauler can do it from a very safe distance you know we capsullers are able to got close to stars too and even fight or live in stations near them. So it will only take a pilot with a hauler (or some kind of garbage ship) to enter a safe orbit around the Sun and open up the cargo bays.

In order to empty the bays quickly just fill them with any kind of cheap gas avalible so when doors are opened the pressure diffrence between bay and vacuum of the space will do that job and everything inside storage area will fly towards sun with neccesery speeds.

Cause the Caldari are dicks, is the obvious answer.

Caldari soceity based on many principles and one of them is efficiency. After all whole state consists of diffrent corporations which are pushing the limits of their capacity both in the name of competition and general wellfare of the State.

So being a dick cant explain this kind of behaviour :smiley:

That will result in the garbage flying around the star on low orbit… Evaporating, burning, stinking… I think better if it will be frozen somewhere remote.

If it burns and evaporates then problem solved right ?

Not really, it just becomes more hot and dangerous.

Also the immense gravity of the stars will definelty pull anything in their orbit into the surface so we are looking at complete waste disposal nothing left.

Also since there is no way to pollute any kind of star (because of their mass and insane temps) this will be the best method to get rid of any waste…

We are talking about Stars here huge gravity wells not planets so dont think in a planet mindset there can be no way to have a garbage full of orbit around them. Unless you throw them out from the wrong distance but hey its not that much of a hard task for our systems to calculate the best orbit for disposal…

Not really. All items on the orbit are in the state of free fall to the more massive object, they just “miss” it all the time and keep falling… in circles. Forever.

Again I want to remind you about two things…

We are talking about stars not planets which is a huge gravity well so its much harder for any object to enter a free fall state (stable orbit) around them.

There is a way to put that garbage into stable orbit as well but hey our aim is to get rid of the waste so with tiny calculation we can find out the best trajectory and distance to dispose the trash.

Lastly in order to do that we dont have to get too close and burn ourself because of the huge gravity force the safe distance of disposal can be arraged we capsuleers can travel really close to the stars without burning ourselves and that distance surely be enough…

We are talking about stars not planets…

Strong gravity wells create quite strong orbits. Otherwise, the planets everywhere would destabilize and fly away or fall to the stars.

Now, imagine you land on a very close solar orbit and eject the garbage right towards the sun! Woo! Fly!

So you gave that garbage certain speed towards the sun, right to the center of it! So you think you can just warp away and leave it? Well, it will stay there… forever!

Because if you was on the orbit when you launched that garbage - it was on the same orbit. With you. By ejecting it towards the sun you gave it a constant speed in direction of the sun. It is not even the force - as it doesn’t give acceleration anymore. While the sun gives a constant acceleration towards it. If your warp drives put you on an ideally circular orbit (which they really should do), then initially the garbage landed on it as well. The speed you gave it will only make its orbit… elliptical, by very tiny factor - since the speed is not really comparable with the orbital speed.

I have a different theory- waste recycling technology, like all other fields, is perpetually advancing. Perhaps dedicated waste disposal sites (interesting use for a langrange point) merely allow for the possibility of future reclamation?

But as long as you can manage to put it in close distance even in orbit still its gonna burn and get destroyed so even in the circumtances you are saying still problem solved…

Garbage has no shields or armor my friend the distances which we can reach with our ships to stars should surely be enough to wipe out any kind of garbage. Regardless if it falls to the surface or stays in low orbit we are talking about stars.

Also there is still chance to launch them with a correct angle to make them fall to the surface. Maybe after couple turns and this also works too because after leaving the safetly of the ships shields their burning process is gonna start anyways.

So you see send them to the surface or put them in close orbit both works.

I just took a picture by using my camera drones.

Just look at this picture can you tell me that any kind of waste regardless if it reaches to the surface or stays in orbit can any kind of object stay soild more than couple minutes with this close proximty to a star. If we can go this close garbage ships can too after that it burns pretty quick even in stable orbit its still gonna burn there is no way for any kind of object to stay solid…

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Yep thats also gonna a way to solve it but hey thats a isk consuming process…

I am not sure that it will melt carbides - that our ships are made of. Their melting point is above 3000C. And even if they eventually will be melt down - then tons of molten carbides flying on enormous speeds around the star will definitely become a safety hazard!

Well I all I can say is that I respect your determination to hold your ground but come on…

Also not every garbage should have to ship wrecks etc. The garbage site I entered 2 hours ago was full of human trash the stuff you can find in your trash bin and that kind of waste is very easy to destroy with a help of a star…

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Dilution is the solution to pollution.

There’s no bigger reservoir for dilution than space.

All the Caldari need to to is figure out how to profit off it.

Well Caldari will surely make found a way to make profit from it and the best course is to recyle it. But thats not the main subject of our topic. The garbage I saw 2 hours earler was left to freeze in the middle of nowhere so it probably has no value…

…not one of you has asked yet why the rot they’re taking it off the planet in the first place.

Mass removal of anything from an ecosystem, especially surface-available minerals of whatever sort, is an enormous long-term problem. Setting things just outside your house because you don’t want them in your house–that is understandable for terrestrial reasons! Setting valuable mass outside your planet because you have used it for a human purpose once? No.

Do you want tiny ash-rock planets? No? Stop putting your fetching trash in space at all.