Interdiction Sphere Launchers and Empire Space

(Roggvir Valekaani) #1

It bothers me how ISLs, and to a lesser extent, Interdictors, have no role in Empire space.

Another thing that bothers me, though others may find otherwise, is how difficult it is to tackle a supercapital ship in Lowsec. Currently you either need:

a hic - relatively slow and must forego remote assistance in order to maintain tackle.

a capital ship fitted with multiple heavy scramblers - no ongrid mobility, jump tunnel delay.

a fleet with multiple tackle ships - sure a large blob of atrons might take a super by surprise and get that initial tackle, but it shouldn’t take a fleet to grab a single ship. So we go back to the question of giving a specialized fast tackle ship, the Interdictor, a role in Lowsec.

I think that, much like the Heavy Interdictors, the Interdictor destroyers should have a charge that is usable in Empire Space. My idea is to create a new type of probe, a repurposed Survey probe ( These are used to scan Moons and their material composition, they shoot in a straight line in the direction that your ship is pointing and travel at a fixed speed until they hit their target).

Should this interdiction probe hit a ship in its path, it would apply a warp disruption field effect (infinite point) for a period of time.

This would give interdictors a role in lowsec space in addition to being (a much needed, imo) threat to supers in low.

(Krysenth) #2

The only way dictors will see a change like this in lowsec is if firing off the launcher creates a weapon timer.

(Dyver Phycad) #3

Considering that groups like LSH, Purple Helmet and Ivana do just fine destroying capitals and super capitals left and right, there is no need for such a module. Plus, Dictors already have plenty of use in null sec and are consistently among the top destruction-enabling ships.

(Roggvir Valekaani) #4

those groups camp whole regions for travel supers to fall on their bait citadel traps, catching a combat super is a whole different can of worms.

Secondly, dictors have NO role in lowsec, which is what this thread is all about.

(Krysenth) #5

Because hictors do the job so much better anyways.

(system) #6

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