Interested in living in Wormhole space? Join Operation Wormbear!

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Operation Wormbear is a Wormhole corp located in a C5 (with no effects that we lovingly call Nox) and a C4 static. We’re looking for new members to join our growing playerbase across the EU/US/AU regions. All we ask for is an interest in wormhole life.


We are offering

• Regular and often C4 ops as well as weekly C5 subcap ops. (Shield doctrines)

• Ore, Gas and PI opportunities and buyback

• Loot and Salvage buyback program

• Great PI opportunities in the home WH with low tax rate (3%).

• Roaming armor gang PVP w/logistics (WH, Lowsec, and Null) and occasionally a shield fleet

• TS3 server

• Out of game chat via Slack

• Privately hosted Tripwire wormhole mapping

• Both experienced and newer players to cultivate a learning environment

• A wormhole PVP alliance

We require

• Omega Subscription (Non-Negotiable)

• An interest in wormholes

• Be an active member, preferably in Teamspeak too

• PVP is encouraged but not mandatory

• Full non-expiring Account wide API (non-negotiable)


In addition to Eve, many of our members play other games together too and we encourage you to join in when possible. If at all interested feel free to join the in game channel ‘Wormbears_public’ and have a chat with us, send me a private message, or even eve mail me in game “SirLattwich”. Fly safe.



CEO of Operation Wormbear

Leader of Absence of Light

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