Interesting coincidences?

OK - so I’m gonna need you guys to hear me out here…

It’s something that’s been on my mind for a while - not sure why I’ve only left it till now to post it…

Right - everyone knows the 4 major factions in EVE - The Caldari State, The Gallente Federation, the Amarr Empire, and The Minmatar Republic:

So this is where it begins:
“Why do the empire factions appear to resemble the major players in the Second World War?”
hear me out…
Caldari = Axis (Europe), Amarr = Axis (Japan), Gallente = Allies (Western), Minmatar = Allies (USSR).
FIrstly, the Caldari and Amarr are allied. They are fighting the Gallente and Minmatar. So we’re off to a good start - at least we’ve got the 2 sides correct.
OK - let’s get into the individual factions:
MOTTO: No hesitation, no remorse (we need the Lebensraum)
So firstly, the Caldari State has its colours as grey. Now the Germans used grey uniforms in Europe - the colour matches.
Next, they are known to have geometric ships - take the German tanks, and the Germany aircraft - they look a lot less “smooth” and rounded than the other ships:
Oh the squares…
Next, the Caldari is known to have quality over quantity - in their in-game description it is said they are the smallest navy of the 4 factions, yet have the newest tech and believed to be capable of beating any other faction? I guess we’ll see…
Finally, there were a few major companies which manufactured the vehicles for the Germans. “Never ask a German company what they were doing during THAT period of time…”
OK, so my last point I made about the firms competing for contracts and stuff were obviously not under a totally free market, but hey you get the point…
The Caldari ships tend to be slower - I guess that kind of contradicts the “Blitzkreig” doctrine of the Germans at the start of the war.

MOTTO: Liberty without compromise (bringing freedom to your local area)
The Gallentean colour is green. Just like the allies of WW2.
Their ships are totally different to Caldari ships - they are much more streamlined and curved:

“Not an edge in sight!”
The Gallente are known for their democracy - this tended to be the trend of the Western Allies.
erm… I can’t really think of anything obvious right now.

MOTTO: Our righteous destiny (Because we reserve the rights to Asia)
The colour of the Amarr is yellow - just like the Japanese of WW2.
I don’t really have much to say about the ships here… I guess they tend to be speedy and the Japanese favoured surprise and speed? Or maybe that’s totally wrong…

no resemblance…
They have an EMPEROR.
OK so I am aware the Amarr are more driven by religion than ruler.
Also there’s not much to say about their ships and doctrine?

MOTTO: Never forget, never relent (Because we got shafted at the start of Barbarossa)
Their colour is red, just like the Soviets.
And oh dear god, their ships are so rickety… a bit like the Soviet tanks which were barely assembled before being sent into battle. (with all due acknowledgement that they were literally firing at the enemy from the factory gates).

The Minmatar tend to send swathes of ships into battle - so there’s the kind of swarming you see on the Eastern front.

OK - so that’s my idea - I’ll probably make more edits because there is definitely something I’ve forgotten. In the meantime, I hope this goes around without stirring too much controversy - it was just a bit of fun!

Fly safe all! o7

A disclaimer;
I don’t intend to post repeat content - if this has already been pointed out before then I apologise…
I don’t intend to stir up any political or ideological conflict (it’s just some playful speculation…


I think it’s more a case of “how many different design languages can you come up with, realistically”.

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Nevermind the fact that history and the past is also drawn on heavily in present day thinking and in games. Theres not much that doesnt have some sort of historical implications or drawing from. Humans are notoriously bad at thinking of truly new things in that regard. Even most fantasy or future ideology carries the same themes as we have had in the past.


So would you say CCP had a conscious or unconscious influence from past history?

In other words, do you think they deliberately modelled New Eden after this?

I think it’s a stretch but I like the way you broke it down. Well done.

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If you search for patterns
you will find patterns.

You see everything that might be similar and you overlook everything that is not even close at all.


Actually the Mark 4 Sherman had 10 different variants, some of which were quite angular in shape ( for example the M4A2 ).

Put the pipe down, bro.

The Amarr-Caldari and the Gallente-Minmatar alliances have been broken for a year now…

This thread sort of argues the positions of where the 4 factions came from. Im trying to find the stuff I read in the years gone by but my google-fu is weak tonight. Sigh :frowning:

Hm, that does offer an interesting and different perspective to mine…

Mine is more on the second world war :laughing: