International Meet-Up at WACKEN OPEN AIR 2017

(Chaka Chakalaka) #1

W:O:A is starting today as the first arrival day !!!

From some in game chats during the last months I heard, that there will be some EVE players be visiting the 2017 W:O:A.
Why not meet there and have some beer together?
Therefore, I suggest that we meet there and camp a beer stand together. :wink:

Date & Time:
03.08.2017 from 12:00 EVEtime / 14:00 local time

Following a suggestion from yngvar_ayshorn, we will meet at the last beer stand before HighSec at position E24/25 on the MAP of the CAMP GROUND.
Let’s gank the beer stand!!!
(with reimbursement for the beer stand for sure. We don’t want to get any trouble )

There will be a bookmark on GOOGLE MAPS for that place, so you can navigate there easily :wink:

If you like to join us there, please drop a note in this thread. So I may have an idea of the size of the group there :wink:



(Chaka Chakalaka) #2

Yep! One week left. Checking my tent today… and hoping to meet some headbanging capsuleers :slight_smile:

(Chaka Chakalaka) #3

Today is the first day for people to arrive at W:O:A

I have started a WhatsApp Group, though there is not anyone here to take part :slight_smile:

In the german part of the forum, we’re allready 5 people to meet.

If you like to join, send me your mobile number, so I can add you to the WhatsApp Group.