Interstellar Booty Hunters - Lowsec pirate corp!

Interstellar Booty Hunters is a Pirate Corp that is based in low-sec!

You might have seen one of our corp CEO videos!
Resurrected Starships!

Our CEO does videos on our corp drama, so you get a chance to be included!

We are recruiting for fellow pilots to raise the flag of Booty hunters!

What we provide!

  • A discord channel
  • Casual small gang roams ( At least 4 times a week with some unscheduled roams)
  • A Low-sec pirate experience !
  • Training for Rusty/Newer Pvp pilots
  • Drama between other corps in the area (Yes we rival some corps)
  • A SRP program or a ship borrowing program for most of our doctrines

What we want?

  • Activity (we understand that RL comes first)
  • Self independence (For a pirate corp in low-sec you must sustain yourself with isk) but we can train you!
  • Opinions (We value every member so your opinions on doctrines/current drama counts)
  • A decent personality ie Bigoted or arrogant are not welcome
  • 5 million sp!

You will be asked to be interviewed on discord but have no fear our recruiters are genuine and friendly!

Join public ingame channel “Booty Tiki Bar” and ask for any Booty Hunter.

So, are you wanting to be part of our pirate story?



Still Recruiting!


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