Interstellar Booty Hunters - Merrily Carrying Exotic Dancers on EVERY FLEET OP!

Wanna roam with a small gang of space coyote pirates who yip, howl, and sing!?

Help build a GRAND BOOTY EMPIRE!!!

We do things dynamically, stir up ■■■■, and create content!

We offer:

  • 3 plus scheduled roams per week primarily in lowsec with some excursions to other space.
  • Weird antics that make our opponents go WTF!!! and WHY???
  • PvP Training Available!!
  • Isk efficient and ever improving PvP!
  • Isk Making techniques and opportunities unique to lowsec!
  • Active Discord

CAN be Selective, we want, but FEAR NOT!!

  • Omega pilots, 5 mil SP preferred.
  • USTZ but looking into ways to expand into EUTZ as some of us are on early.
  • People with a thirst for fun, adventure, and excitement. NO NEGATIVE PEOPLE!!!

This is streamed roam is an example of how we begin, esp on live streams!

see channel for other eve content :wink:
To find us, message me or visit the Booty Tiki Bar in-game chat.

And moar stuff - how to train in PvP :smiley:

Moar booty!!!

Deboot !!

Moar Booty!

Mew! Mew!


We’re growing again!!

Have purged 3 inactives, reactivated sleeping booties, and gained 5 new recruits over the past couple of weeks.

Short term goal is to get us to 60 members to consistently roam in gangs of 12, long term goals, 180 members for our Tri-Octopus imperial plan!!

Eyoh!! Come join us!!!


Hey sounds good done some pirate activity before, im in AU T.Z my fav ship is Thrasher / stabber. what empire space would i have to move too ? im not worried about losing ships, been playing along time can use most Tech 2 weapons. im not trying to be the pilot that gets the most kills, just want weekend crew to be involved in crews my typical playtime is right now, though on weekends.

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