Interstellar Booty Hunters - Small Gang Mojo! Come get BOOTY!

Mojo…what IS mojo? Its intangible but has a smell, a flavor, a strangely attractive power! We share it! Booty is what fuels our Mojo!!

What is Booty!? Booty is content, kills, fights, salt, tears, and fun!

We do not strive to be like anyone or anything else. We will fly almost anything small or big, we will underdog, we will fight honorably, but we will also fight unfairly!! All of this is BOOTY!!!

We are positive, resilient, relentless, chill, and fun. Oh and Chill.

Our gangs are 6-12 usually.

We are a little bit picky - we want you to:

  • Have something like 10 million sp
  • Have a voice interview - we’ll do it on Discord.
    -Fly with us on a roam, twice.
  • Dont be too arrogant - because we dont care!

We can teach you how to PvP to an extent but not interested in new pilots or completely green to PvP, but will take people from low, null, high, or wh - 80% of our pvp content will be lowsec - so a bias against it will not be optimal.
Flying with us will tell us if you are compatible!
A proper personality and attitude is what matters the most!

Please message me in-game or find our public chat:: Booty Tiki Bar - announce your intentions and a friendly Booty member will begin a dialogue!

See CEO youtube channel Resurrected Starships!


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