Into The Abyss: Drone Aggro in Gamma = Minmatar Drones (Explosive)

how do you guys handle the drone aggro in higher Gamma Tiers?

Despite trying to recall drones as soon they are out again, they got shoot again.


I think there is little one can do about drones getting shot apart from recalling or repairing them.
Well… you could add 2 repair drones to the mix and repair the ones getting shot and when one of the repair drones getting shot repair it with the other one. If more than 2 drones get shot you have a problem apart from having a very ineffective flight of drones… :laughing:

I am running an Ishtar and can tank very well in it, but running Tier 3 sites are difficult.

I dont make enough damage, because I need to recall the drones and another set of drones. That takes time.

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