Introduce a new class of Subscription- Beta players, cheaper than Omega, better than Alpha

If they claim the product is something it isn’t, that’s a potential case for fraud.

The direction things are going doesn’t scream “resounding success.” I’m not prophesying doom and gloom here, but it is true that EVE servers have roughly half the concurrent users from their peak about a decade ago.

Recent expansions have been well received, but the overall userbase hasn’t seen continual growth in terms of server numbers. Even with Havoc peaking at 40k, it’s already settled back to pre-havoc numbers (server has 26k as I type this.)

To bring this back around to the op and to keep this post from going way off topic, it seems quite clear that there are many people who find the current pricing to not be worth their money.

As an example, a post from another thread about the winter omega sales:

The laws of supply and demand are ever in motion, and even if they weren’t, it’s not such a simple thing as “charge more money = get more money.”

When CCP bumped the sub from 15 a month to 20 a month, they lost roughly 5k concurrent users. I don’t know what that means in terms of actual subscribers, but considering that CCP also ran a slew of special sales during that time that put the price at or below the previous price, I imagine it was significant.

It was only uprising that brought the server numbers back to pre-fanfest 2022 levels, but this graph doesn’t tell us how many of those numbers are actual subscribers. Considering the fact that both uprising and viridian were fairly alpha friendly content releases, it’s very possible subscriber numbers not only didn’t climb, but they very well could have dropped further.

The point is, is that CCP seems to be searching for a better way to do things, and separating caps into a higher payment tier could be one of those ways to move forward. I’m not really sure how CCP would test that. Maybe limited time beta clone sales?

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