Introducing a new concept for the North

Hello capsuleers,
I am here today to tell you something that many bitter vets already know. Goons are coming very close to ruining our game. There has been a shift recently in the northern regions stretching all the way down throughout Lonetrek and Blackrise that has been taking the ability for everyday pilots to possess supercapitals. At first it was just a selective thinning of structures; now Kinakka has lost its keepstar and the one in Aunenen is being forced to relocate to disallow passage of supercaps in the area. Not to mention the rumor going around that Goons are employing Gallente Militia to rid the low sec areas around the FW systems of any privately owned structures. Believe me, I’m not saying that the moves being played by all of the Mittani’s puppets are without wonderful tactical planning. What I am saying is that if Goons are allowed to run around like this is their game; pretty soon their slogan will ring true. So what I propose to all the bitter vets that have piles of excess ISK lying around; we need to start a new type of community. One where our political differences don’t influence the amount of pilots in our fleets. NPSI communities are able to set aside their petty differences; there is no reason that the entirety of the Anti-Goon movement can’t do the same. If we fly together under some of the best capital and sub capital fleet commanders and execute ongoing attacks against goons; we can crush them until they have no structures to dock their supers and titans. I believe CCP would call this a “rebalance”. This will be something that is slow to take off unless we can get the core of this community together soon. So if you have spare capitals or battleships, any ship actually will do or if you have FC experience to be proud of, please contact this character in game to show your interest. Consider this the birth of the NGDS [notgoons dontshoot] fleet community concept. Lets get the upper hand!!!


No rumor there: FEDUP sold themselves like alley cats to CFC (or were part of them all along, doesn’t matter).

Death to ALL supers.


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