Introducing the New Eden Directory

In-Game Channels are one of the most powerful tools available to quickly and easily disseminate information about your organization and connect with potential customers, patrons, recruits, or otherwise likeminded pilots. However, one of the greatest challenges involved with running such a channel is that it can be difficult for people to find you in the first place. To help ease that burden on both sides I have established the New Eden Directory, a central repository for advertising your channels. For a small fee, you can have your channel listed here making it easier for people to find you and what you have to offer.

In-Game Channel: New Eden Directory

“Tell 'em NED sent you.”

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★★★Frequently Asked Questions★★★

Is this a scam?

Are you sure?

How do I create an account with the New Eden Directory?
First, open an account by contacting @Ned_Sheeran with the details of which categories you wish to advertise in and how you want your link to appear for each category. You will be assigned as the operator for the account.

How do I purchase advertising credits?
To begin advertising, the operator or authorized user purchases credits by sending ISK to the corporation New Eden Directory specifying which category or categories you wish to purchase credits for.

Are credits transferable?
Yes. The operator for your account may request that any outstanding advertising credits be applied to a different account or moved to a different category.

Are credits refundable?
Yes. You may request a refund of any unspent credits. Please keep in mind that the refund amount is based on full-price credits being used first.

How much does it cost to advertise in the New Eden Directory?
The standard rate for advertising credits is 100M but we frequently offer discounts and sales. Each month you are listed in the directory costs 1 credit.

How are linked assigned each month?
Each month, accounts will have their links assigned based on the number of advertising credits they have for each category.

What happens if my link doesn’t get listed?
Since links are limited, yours may not get listed if your advertising credit balance is lower than competing ads. To avoid this the following month you can either purchase additional credits.

Will you notify me if my ad is at risk of being removed from the directory?
We will make every effort to notify you if other parties purchase Credits that will push yours off of the directory.

How do I transfer control of my account?
To change the operator for your account or to add authorized users, notify @Ned_Sheeran.

What can authorized users do?
Authorized users can purchase additional credits and move credits between categories. They cannot request refunds, transfer credits to a different account, or modify links.

Can I have more than one link per category?

How many links are allowed per category?
The number of links in each category is at our discretion based on the number of paying advertisers in each category. However, we try to keep it around 3 to 4 each month.


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