Promoting my corporation

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Where should I post my promotion?

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Don’t be a hack though and have a half baked post.

You want an eye catching image, an application form through google forms (because it’s super easy).
A clear and concise code of conduct; you can make that on google docs easy.
Make yourself a discord and link it; that way you have a friendly landing location and free coms.
Above all else, ensure to be honest, nothing worse than joining a mob, only to find out they don’t have a JF service, their leadership are monkeys and their line members are window lickers.

If you’d like a hand in doing up an attractive recruitment thread, feel free to join and introduce yourself on my discord; linked below. I’ll happily show you how to setup all of the above to make your life easier.

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Can I join your corp?

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Thanks, but can you get more into what cache google app you said? I didn’t quite get that. Overall, great job explaining.

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How old is your character?

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Look here:
The date of the first corporation is also the date of birth.

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We are looking for loyal players. You have changed your corporations quite often. You also have quite a reputation as a pirate. I would need a confirmation.

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