Introducing: Therabot! A discord bot for all your Thera needs

Made this post on reddit but I thought it would be useful here as well.

About Me

Hi, I’m Alex. I’m a wormholer and I’ve been playing eve since Feb 2020. When I discovered that thera exists I found it amazing for logistics. A few months go by and I notice that eve-scout has an API. Combined with that and the fustration of looking up the table only to realise the hole was going to die in an hour, I threw together some 100 line bot that would ping just one channel should a connection to Solitude (where I lived at the time) opened up.

It turned out that the bot was quite popular with my corpmates and I was quite happy with it. So I did what any reasonable dev would do and make it a full-time, spare-time and soul sucking side project. After many updates and hours of debugging, I’m happy to release the use of it to anyone for free!


  • Notification Subscription
    • Subscribe to notifications from the bot whenever a connection from a given region opens up
    • As many regions as you want can be added
  • Built-in route option
    • Give you the closest connections from your source and destination systems
  • Hauling Quotes
    • Get a hauling quote from your favorite courier services
      • PushX
      • Red Frog
  • Timezones
    • Get the current eve time and times from around the world

Development is continuously ongoing and feature requests are always welcome!

Why am I offering it for free? I enjoy seeing my creations make someone else’s life easier. Sure I could charge for it but, for me especially, a fee is just a turn-off that would make me want to look elsewhere.

If you’re a corp/alliance leader or just someone who wants access to it hit me up on my demo server and we can discuss getting access.

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