TheraBot - Saving your F5 key! (eve-scout notifications)

Is your F5 key getting worn down from refreshing while waiting for a good Thera connection? No more!

Introducing TheraBot: A Discord bot that will notify you when new connections to Thera are found by eve-scouts and reported on the website.

TheraBot works in Discord servers and in private DMs (if you share a server with the bot).

You can add this bot to your Discord server or alternatively you can see it working on my dev server.

Use the command !thera notify here to have the bot notify a channel. Use !thera info for more information.

Filters! You can now add filters to only be notified when a wormhole connects to a certain system, constellation, region or security status! Use !thera notify help for more information about it.

The source code is publicly available on, please report issues and feature requests on GitHub.


I visited Thera on sisi and love the 2 enormous ore and ice belts.
Is there a mining community in Thera i could join?

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