Invasion Tournament Series Online Qualifiers

Are they going to be allowed to shoot back?

my Q&A as well

Do both members need to submit the form or does one person submit for both?

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In the spirit of the Invasion, a small Triglavian fleet should be on the field for all tournament engagements.

The barges, or the enemy team? Because I’m pretty sure that the answer will be “yes”.

so… the fits and brackets are supposed to be out today… any idea when? @CCP_Dopamine

Sure do wonder if they can actually get thunderdome updated

So… is this happening?

Patience is a virtue.

The same patience that brought us the AT this year?

@CCP_Dopamine Good day. I’m member of dead inside kids team and the captain of it. Dbizz Akachi can’t play and i would like to tell that Frenzy Chaos is a new member of dead inside kids team. Can you replace Dbizz Akachi, please?

@CCP_Dopamine Quick & to-the-point question: Will we have maxed characters on thunderdome, or will our characters (and their skills) from TQ be used?

You’ll probably be given login details for a stock character with max skill points.
TD isn’t like sisi which mirrors tq, instead there’s just dev commands to create items and give max skills.

So… Thunderdome accounts when?

Tournament discord access when?

Match schedule when?

Will the teams be allowed to practice on thunderdome or is it for matches only?

Will the tournament discord have voicecomm channels for the teams or do the teams need to supply those themselves?

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I haven’t posted here in 8 years! I just saw the Ship selections that CCP created. I think the Phoon and Pest in particular, are not going to get by without a lot of drama. What was CCP thinking?

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For the love of god, be patient.

o/ Is there a Prediction Bracket Challenge too for this tournament session ? Some corp mates are fielding a team and would be awesome to predict their victory !

Link to the dev blog with brackets.

Yep but there is no “prediction” tab contrary to the previous brackets, I am missing something ?