Invasion Tournament Series Online Qualifiers


We have just released information about the upcoming Online Qualifiers for the Invasion Tournament Series. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the tournament, ask questions or find partners.

The sign up page will open tomorrow, November 20 at 15:00 UTC and teams will be added to the bracket on First Come, First Serve basis.


can individuals participate in tournaments? jjust general question.

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I think it’s for group play, probably a set amount of players per team, sorta like the old Alliance Tournaments.

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For this online qualifiers we are only accepting submissions from the two-man teams. You just need to find a partner and fill out the form with his details :slight_smile:


It is 2vs2 as all the previous Invasion Tournaments at the World Tour events.


can it be my alt?
it will be done on thunderdome server or TQ/sisi ?

what ships can be used during it?

Ahhh, thanks for the info, didn’t know it’s a 2v2 event.

Is CODE. still banned from tournaments, or can we claim yet another win by forfeit?

You cannot sign up with your alt - it has to be another player.

This will be done on Thunderdome and the list of ships and fittings will be announced at a later date :slight_smile:

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IIrc you were banned from the alliance tournament,
so you should still be able to get banned from this one too! :smiley:


It’s like when you can’t compete in the Olympics because you are a pro.

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“Elite” doesn’t even get close to describing it!

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As long as you met the criteria listed in the rules you can sign up for this tournament.



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“Special”? :smiling_imp:


I don’t subscribe to political correctness,
so I have to give this one a pass. :slight_smile:

The actual reason why I’m here, though:

I’m going to ask my corpmate if he wants to do this.


Excuse me, but …

… where? There’s no link in the post pointing me at anything.

Would you please put this …

… into the initial post? :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Vote Aiko for Community Manager


Thanks for bringing this up. Done now :slight_smile:

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So only guys can join ?

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And for the love of Christ, if your favorite ships end up getting banned again don’t just log off in a huff like they did in the AT! Do something hilarious, like taking a page out of Mildly Sober’s book: when they couldn’t bring a full team due to RL interfering they sortied in Iterons as a sacrifice to the guy who was rebalancing/renaming them.

In the same vein, you or any other CODE. loyalists could use a proverbial lemon to make equally proverbial lemonade by sacrificing an untanked, max-yield Covetor/Hulk/Orca in the name of James 315.