Invention Percentages are totally BS

So it is beyond obvious that the invention percentages stated for success of a TII blueprint outcome are total and utter BS. I am told a 56% rate, yet 1 out of 7 success. Using decrypters and wasting isk with this seeing as though the percentage is a TOTAL LIE from CCP. I have run 10 jobs now with tracking the ourcomes and not once has it come close to being accurate with the success rate. I know it is a percentage of chance, but please…this is rigged to collect more isk from players. 56% success rate is a total lie, more like 10%.

You just got unlucky. I’ve had it where 3 jobs at 27% were successful. Just keep trying more

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As an industrialist, I do 50 run inventions and I usually have at least a dozen invention jobs going at a time (across several characters). On average, the invention math is correct. That’s what I use when calculating BPC cost for determining my profit margins and my business is quite profitable.

Note that the cost of decryptors need to be balanced against the savings in datacores. They rarely make sense for high run BPCs like modules or drones. I use parity decryptors when inventing ships or rigs but not for other stuff.

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It’s probably CCP’s way to deal with the high number of SP farms who also use R&D for a bit of extra passive income :slight_smile:

It does balance out. I have had bad days and some days when I get far over the %. Good isk in it too, but you can’t just do one thing. The market is always changing you will need to be able to change with it. Have many different items to invent and build.

As other have said, it balances out. Resist the urge to use decrypters unless the math comes out in their favor. For most items just sucking up the failures as a cost of doing business leads to more profit than using decrypters.

and it’s not a proof that it is not working. You need much more to have a correct average %

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