Inventory window - Volume sum up indication


Each time I am using industrials, freighters and JFs, I always need to arrange the load according to the remaining volume in the ship cargo bay and the volume of items in my hangars to get my ship cargo bay full. I guess everyone is in the same situation.

On the other hand sometimes I just want to get an idea of the volume stored in my hangar (personal, ship, …) that I will have to move or select a bunch of items and know the volume.
Of course I can do the calculation myself or copy/paste in excel an add the proper formula or even use
Ever Praisal to know the exact volume of items (ships, modules, contract, …) I have to move.

However, as every one has noticed, among the information available in the bottom right corner of the inventory are :

  • Estimated price
  • number of items selected / total items

Not that I am in hurry when IG but I think it would improve a little bit the UI to had the following in this bottom right corner :

  • volume of items selected / total volume


This already exists at the top of the window indicated with a blue bar and numerical values in m3.

Oh ok ! … don’t know why I never noticed it. Thanks

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