Inventory default columns + reporting a glitch

By default the columns displayed in “details” or “list” mode in inventory (tried in items hangar) are only Name, Quantity, Group. In the previous UI, there was also Volume and Est. price.

It took me some time and embarrassing questions to figure out that I can set up these additional columns to be displayed. But they are off by default.

Strong suggestion: Can you please, please, PLEASE make the Volume and Estimated Price columns to be displayed by default either in “Details” or “List”, preferably both? Thank you. This info is quite important for haulers and people might not know it’s possible to display it - especially newbies.

Also, literally unplayable:
When I keep the inventory window open in the view mode List, close the client fully, and then start the client and log in to the same char, the inventory window obviously opens as expected, but the columns are not lined up properly as they should be. When I scroll through the inventory to the end and back, it then displays correctly.
This appears only if I close the client fully, not when I just log off.
Just saying.

This is a common bug, it goes away and comes back.

CCP doesn’t seem to care.

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