Issue with inventory missing columns


I have this issue with the inventory when viewing with the “List” option.

On one of my character, I can’t see extra columns like size, slot and especially Est. Price that I care about. It’s only when I have items in my active ship (not others) that I can see the price.

. This is Jita’s 4-4 inventory list.
My other characters all have those extra columns, but I can’t find any option anywhere to show/hide those.

I did notice on another alt that sometimes moving items around would cause the columns to disappear :thinking:

Anyone had that issue? What was the fix?

Yes i had this issue. I can’t recall which ship it was though. Hm lemme check real quick

So one of my toons while flying an Astero is all messed up. Very difficult to get volume and estimated price to show. Actually most i couldn’t get to work initially. I kept resizing the window. pinning, unpinning. Finally got them all to work. Took several minutes. Think i’ll log out and restart hoping the settings stick

Just wanted to add this to the thread as I could not find the answer anywhere else. Luckily my alliance mates were able able to assist me with this.
To fix the missing columns just right click any of the existing columns (Name/Quantity/Group) and you should get a menu that lets you “show [column name]”. To be very specific you need to right click the column header and not an item in the list.

Hope this solves it for anyone who has the issue. I think the issue may relate to having your inventory open when logging out and logging back in. But I do not have any confirmation on this.


This does not solve it for me.

I click show column and nothing happens. Some columns show up every time, some never.

And before anyone asks; It’s a hangar full of mods and rigs and I cant get the ‘size’ or ‘slot’ columns to come up so I can sort for a fit.

SAme issue here.

Makes me completely insane because there is no rhyme or reason for it.

Same issue here and it happens often. No idea how to sort by value.

Sometimes adding the column twice makes it appear, but usually not

Sometimes shift-opening an inventory top open a new window allows the column to be added, but usually not

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Anyone found a working solution to this?

Thank you! Can’t believe I never tried that, simple and effective, thank you so much! Had to Click “Show Quantity” and such twice before it showed back up.

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