Column Headers Display Bug

Hi, I’m really liking the new Photon UI overall, but I noticed a minor issue with it that I wanted to bring to your attention. When I bring up the inventory screen and select my active ship, and specifically when I am using the “List” display type, I am having problems adding new columns to the display.
Usually, I can right click the header for an existing column of data (Name, Quantity, Group, etc), and see a list of currently-hidden column types. Sometimes, clicking one of those hidden column types causes it to appear. Sometimes though, nothing happens. It seems like the UI gets stuck, and it refuses to display some of the hidden column types. But if I hide an existing column, it sometimes becomes unstuck, and I can start adding those previously-stuck columns. I can’t find a pattern to the bug. On three of my accounts just now, it worked perfectly well. On my fourth account though, I had to really wrestle with the UI to get every column displayed. Meaning I had to toggle columns on and off and on again until they were all displayed.

Steps to reproduce (not 100% reliable):

  1. May happen in space. Definitely happens when docked.
  2. Open “Inventory” screen.
  3. Select the currently-active ship from the left panel of the window.
  4. Click the hamburger icon, then select “List” display type.
  5. Right click a column header, attempt to add a currently-hidden column.
  6. Repeat until all columns are displayed.
  7. Though not guaranteed, and not predictable, some columns may not display when clicked.
  8. If a column gets stuck this way, hide one of the displayed columns and re-select the stuck column.

I’m going to poke and prod around this issue to see if I can recreate it more reliably. Will update here if I can figure anything out.

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