[INVESTMENT SCAM] EVE Easy Invest - Use your ISK to make ISK and withdraw at any time

Look at my name :rofl::rofl: USIA

Well of course you are allowed to have no trust, but maybe give us a chance to proof. Until now no one made a bad experience with us. It’s easy to make fun about the efforts of someone else, but please don’t do it, when there is no reason for it.

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First, I checked 3 different online interest calculators, and didn’t find one that allowed me to calculate my ROI.

Second, using a non-standard way of calculating interest makes it harder for people to compare you to other investment opportunities.

Moreover, assuming I did my math correctly (of course, there is a good chance I didn’t), you’re offering an ROI that’s too good to be true.

Well, I’m going to tell you right now, I am highly skeptical of you. Your decision to provide a “minutely” interest rate and to compound interest every minute seems purposely designed to make it as hard as possible for investors to make informed decisions. It’s like companies that make you buy “fun-bucks” or premium currency. One of the reasons they do so is to make it harder for you to understand exactly how much money you’re spending, which, in turn, makes it harder for you to make informed decisions.


Thank you for your constructive feedback. Let me answer your open question about the interest rate. We grant 0.0000571589% per minute on your deposit and on already earned interest.
For example:
You deposit ISK.
After one minut you get 571,589 ISK interest.
After the second minute you get interest on,589 ISK = 571,589327
After the third minute you get interest on,178 ISK = 571,589653

After 43200 minutes (30 days) you will have,- ISK. That means the interest rate is 2,5% in 30 days.


There are still 20/30 1.000.000 ISK welcome bonuses left. Use them to test out our service.

There are only 10/30 1.000.000 ISK welcome bonuses left. Use them to test out our service.

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It all sounds good but I have a few questions to ask.

  1. So does that mean if I create an account and deposit a minimum of 1,000,000 ISK into it, you’ll add another 1,000,000 ISK to the deposit making the actual balance 2,000,000 ISK?

  2. Can the interest earned on the balance deposit be transferred from the interest category to the balance category? If so, when can that transaction be done?

  3. If your investment company decides to quit doing business (or you decide to stop playing Eve), will all investors be notified of that and will all interest / balance funds on the accounts be paid off?

  1. What assurance do we have that your investment company won’t just claim bankruptcy in a month or 2 or at some other point in the future?
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Hi there. Thanks for questions. I will answer all of them.

  1. You have to make a deposit within the tool. If you make a deposit of 1.000.000 there AND transfer 1.00.000 ISK ingame, you will get 2.000.000 ISK to you balance. If you don’t transfer them ingame, you get 1.000.000 to your balance.

  2. No that’s not possible, because it would be your disadvantage, as you have to wait 30 days for a withdrawal of your balance, but you can withdraw from your interes amount at any time. You get the same interest rate on both, the balance and you earned interest, so there is no reason to transfer it.

3 and 4. Well of course it’s possible that one of this cases could happen in the future. If the business will end our major priority is that every client get back his deposited ISK, if necessary with real money.

Let me know, if you have further questions.

Best regards
Le Fist

OK, not sure I understand.

From what I read, my understanding was that if 30 new people invested at least a minimum of 1 mil ISK into your investment company, the company would add another 1 mill ISK to their balance for free.

From your answer it seems you’re saying entering a deposit of 1 mil ISK into the tool gives me 1 mill balance and then when in-game transferring another 1 mill ISK will give me a balance of 2 mill ISK total.

So does the tool automatically deduct ISK from in-game wallet?

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No. There are two pools. An unconfirmed and a confirmed one. The unconfirmed deposit is done immediately and will instantly start generating unconfirmed interest. When your transaction is confirmed manually, by someone of our corp, your balance and earned interes is transferred to the confirmed pools.

I would suggest you to simply try it out. Download the tool, create a profile with your username and deposit 1.000.000 ISK in the Tool, but don’t transfer them in eve. You will receive an ingame message, when your deposit is confirmed.

I understand the part about confirmed and unconfirmed balance showing in the tool. According to the video, the balance isn’t confirmed until some time later after I send the amount in-game to EASY CEO.

My question is about your statement saying that new accounts will get 1 mil ISK deposit for free. So that means what?

An additional 1 mill isk is being added to the account as an incentive for new investors?


Normally there’s a fee charged for the investment service that is waived at this time?

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You will get 1.000.000 free ISK to your confirmed balance. When you make a deposit in the tool over 1.000.000 ISK, but don’t transfer the ISK ingame, you get 1.000.000 ISK to your confirmed deposit.

When you make a deposit in the tool over 1.000.000 ISK AND transfer the ISK ingame, you get 2.000.000 ISK to your confirmed deposit.

The deposit is triggered with the deposit in the tool, not with the transfer ingame.

Since yestersday we are ccoperating with New Eden Trade, a large investment fund. And he is promoting Easy Invest with giving away 10 x 100.000.000 ISK. You can find the give away on his Discord Server in the channel “announcments” and you can participate until saturday 3rd of July 2021.

Monthly report 1st July 2021

Total confirmed balance: ISK
Total earned interest: 256.264.689 ISK
Investors: 24
Current interest rate: 2,5% p.m.

You can find these reports and further information on our DISCORD.

Big “Thank You” to all clients.

Best regards

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Check your math, 0.0000571589% times 1B does not equal to 571,589. It will equal to 571.589 (which you times that by 60 would mean you get 34,295.34 ISK per hour). And assuming you didn’t mean the % but did the decimal calculation way it would still be incorrect for 1,000,000,000 times 0.0000571589 would equal 57,158.9, so I am not sure where you are getting this 571,589 ISK for one min.

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Hi thanks for asking. It’s % so : 100 x 0.0000571589 = 572 ISK rounded. So it’s 10.000.000 times 0.0000571589

And it’s growing exponentially. The second minute you get 0.0000571589% on ISK and so on. If you calculate it up to 30 days (43200 minutes) you come to a total of 2,5% interest rate per month rounded


Monthly report 1st August 2021

Total confirmed balance: 32.047.500.000 ISK
Total earned interest: 624.396.185 ISK
Investors: 42
Current interest rate: 2,5% per month.

You can find these reports and further information on our DISCORD .

Big “Thank You” to all clients.

Best regards

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Invested 100m to test stuff out. I will update next month.


One Week Special - Easy Invest

So far there have only been benefits for new investors or for first deposits.

Now we’re starting a one-week special for everyone, including those who have already invested. We will add 10% to every deposit made by 08/17/2021 as soon as it is confirmed.

Thank you, as always, for your trust and best regards.

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Monthly report 1st September 2021

Total confirmed balance: 106.397.500.000 ISK
Total earned interest: 2.761.549.499 ISK
Investors: 55
Current interest rate: 2,5% per month.

You can find these reports and further information on our DISCORD .

Big “Thank You” to all clients.

Best regards

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