Invulnerability FieldTech 5

Greetings Capsuleer.

I would like to discuss about the new super overpower button structure owner’s corp have. I dont know if there was already on before the recently patches, if it is a bug or if it works as intended, but i recently found so thats it. I will explain with an example:

Corp A and Corp B contend a 0.5 system to place moon mining structures,
Corp A declare war to corp B;
Corp B, before war start, transfer all the structures, but a poco in other sdie of eve, to a just created corp B1;
So corp A dec corp B1, who just create corp B2 and transfer all structures but an expendable one;
repeat untill corp Bn+1.

Is this work as intended? untill no structures will be anymore destroyed? so who actually have structures can own forever with this trich?
Or… whatever?..

Structures aren’t meant to be transferable during a war dec warm-up period last I knew.
Bug report that.

Agree you should report that as a big.

Almost positive the dev blog said that once a 24 warm up timer started structures could not be transferred.

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