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Hey all. I did some research to see if there were any topics on this question and i did not find anything. If i missed something i apologize for cluttering up the forums. That said i was wondering if there was a way to calculate profit on manufacturing runs by using sell orders rather then buy orders. That is, how much profit do i get if i just bought all the materials straight from sell orders on the market. Any help would be much appreciated thanks!

Just use the in-game industry window. It should tell you outright how much it costs to buy all the mats for a manufacturing job.

That’s actually a good idea for some reason i did not think of that. It’s too bad that i wont be able to see things like IPH and profit off of multiple run but at least there’s something. Thank you!

Actually, you can.

Just install a BPO, that is, a blueprint original, of the job you want to do, and enter in the amount you want to make, since with BPOs you can enter a high number, and it should calculate it for you automatically.

Thank you!! Something so simple that i just completely did not even think about. Appreciate the help.

I forgot to mention, you can also set the ME/TE value to whatever you wish to match the BPC you have as well.

It does not tell you an accurate price. You need to copy the Materials list and have a site like evepraisal.com check for accurate prices.

Setting ME/TE values requires you to re-enter a fake researched BPO by right clicking the research result and then click on “View in Industry”. If you want to fake research both ME and TE, you have do that one after another, simultaneous fake research of both values does not work. In other words: Use a BPO in the industry window, set the ME level to 10, right click on the result area to the right, click “View in Industry”, set the TE level to 10, right click again on the result, click again on “View In Industry”… and pray that it works.
I could not get the second step to work as it would not reload the BPO with the second fake research (you don’t hear the crickey-whoomp sound indicating that a BP was entered into the industry window). So, you can only use one research type which theoretically should be fine because ME is the research that matters most.

As far as I remember you can set up IPH that it uses sell order prices. In the Update Prices tab in the bottom right corner you can tell IPH to use Min/Max Sell prices for Raw Materials and Manufactured Items. Make sure to change the setting Data Source to CCP Data. That way you should get the profit calculated the way you want.


will let you do the calculation based on current Jita sell order pricing.

Update tab : Raw materials and manufactured items…

You can just click on “Buy all” in the industry tab while sitting in jita and it will give you the exact sell order prices.

Also, i dont understand your convoluted way of doing ME/TE. What i do is just open the BPC using “Show info”, double click on the outcome, then go to the industry tab and double click on the blueprint that shows up(Since it gives you the BPO) and view in industry. This will give you the ability to change both the TE and ME accurately, within the industriy tab. And best of all, it updates instantaneously.

If youre already using a BPO in the industry window, it will allow you to change the ME/TE to whatever you see fit, does it not?

Why it’s different prices on compressed gneis??

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