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(Err … apologies in advance for potentially hijacking your thread … but what does ME / PE, and then the numbers, actually mean? Thanks.)

Hey @Lily_Inkura

Don’t worry a lot of people here on the forums are used to helping people.

ME stands for Material Efficiency and PE stands for Production Efficience. You can research your bpo’s before you start copying/building so you can make more money/make it faster. The maximum number of ME is 10(%) (every research adds 1%) and for PE the max is 20(%) (every research adds 2%). So if you want to build faster and use less materials you can research it. But every level takes longer to research.


These are really informational links (if you want to start Industry/bpo trading).

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate and shoot me a mail ingame(same name) or hit me up on PM’s(Ingame will get almost instant response PM’s are not checked very often.).

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Niels Battle

Thanks for that; appreciated. I figured out afterwards it was probably something to do with blueprint efficiency, but still didn’t know the significance of the numbers (was trying not to die in low sec at the time so didn’t have time to google).

PS. Can’t fly one yet but I am actually interested in what a Mastodon BPO is worth. Did have a quick look on both eve_marketdata and on contracts but couldn’t find any info.

I think you should look between 50-100 bil (just looking at the other tier2 bpo’s). You only need to find a buyer for it (if you want to sell it) because it is not really a mass produced ship like bombers, hics, dics, ceptors, recons or any other 2 tier mainline ships.

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