WTS Ansiblex Jump Gate BPO

Research is 4/10.

8B Starting

9.5B B/O

NPC is 12B, but public contracts have some garbage researched/unresearched for like 8.5B.

Currently researching to ME 5 so you can do the make 10 gates and the 10th is free on a rigged citadel.
Located in Jita 4/4

You do realize that ME makes zero difference on that BPO right?

ME10 in T2 rigged nullsec structure will still require the same as an ME0 copy in high sec, you save nothing.
TE level is all that matters for this.

That only is true for BPCs. On BPOs, you can build more than 2 runs. Since percentage saved is calculated on total materials, at a 10% total reduction, you save 1 unit of anything per 10 produced. This is a well known mechanic for anyone mass producing citadels/structures from BPOs.

If you were dumb enough to lock up an expensive BPO up for a month building 10 at once and lose out on the 1.3b worth of copies you could have printed in that month at 100m per copy, all you would save is 1 EXERT coupler, 1 Acceleration coil, and 2 construction parts, which works out to about 2%, you don’t get a “free one”.

10 Gates on a T2 rigged ratairu in nullsec, on ME 5 TE 10 takes 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours, and saves 2 EXERT, 3 Acceleration Coils, and 4 Construction Parts. Works out to 8% saved. Close enough to a free one tbh, you don’t generate the storage bay, sensor, and the advert nexus. You get 80% of a free one. The exact same is true for all the other navigation structures, and very similar effects for any of the other citadels using this method. Using this as a BPO in manufacture in this way maximizes profits to about 7B/month, whereas using copies tops you at about 6B/month for a single line (minus the 1B for the 10 BPCs, so 5B/month in effect), assuming you are building instead of selling the BPCs, which you mentioned is a measley 1.3B/month. So if you are just making copies, not really worth an investment. However this is the same price as the other BPOs up on contract so if the user wishes to do this specific method it will be available to them, in addition to all other methods normally associated with this.


Associated profit comparisons can be found by building your own components at the before stated values. Maybe more people can learn about this manufacturing option from this. Helps to maximize profits when you have a safe null raitaru to work from.

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