Yodik's market

(Yodik) #1

10/20 Structure component’s BPO rental.
Rental period is 1 month. Price is 500 mill, secure deposit is 5 bill.
BPO available: Minimum amount of available BPO’s of each type is 5, maximum 9 (depend’s of it renting by UPK).
Construction parts
Docking bay
Hangar array
Market network
Medical center
Office center
Repair facility
Storage bay
You can take this BPO in Jita IV-4 CNAP or In Thera XIV TSFL.

BPO’s still in progress and available date (d/m/y):
Factory - 17.012019
Acceleration coils - 24.01.2019
Advertisement nexus - 03.08.2019
Electromagnetic sensor - 05.08.2019
Mission network - 05.08.2019
Laboratory - about year.
Reprocessing plant - about year.

wts 400 000 of Fullerite C-320"]
Private contract, Jita, 60k per unit, 50k unit’s minimum.

Upwell Palatine Keepstar (Русское сообщество)
(PI farmer1) #4

weren’t you the person offering to build a palatine keepstar? why did you quit?

(Yodik) #5

who said iam quit?

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bpo renting available

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