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10/20 Structure component’s BPO rental.
Rental period is 1 month. Price is 500 mill, secure deposit is 5 bill.
BPO available: Minimum amount of available BPO’s of each type is 5, maximum 9 (depend’s of it renting by UPK).
Construction parts
Docking bay
Hangar array
Market network
Medical center
Office center
Repair facility
Storage bay
Acceleration coils
You can take this BPO in Jita IV-4 CNAP or In Thera XIV TSFL.

BPO’s still in progress and available date (d/m/y):
Advertisement nexus - 03.08.2019
Electromagnetic sensor - 05.08.2019
Mission network - 05.08.2019
Laboratory - about year.
Reprocessing plant - about year.

Upwell Palatine Keepstar
Upwell Palatine Keepstar (Русское сообщество)
Upwell Palatine Keepstar (Русское сообщество)
(PI farmer1) #4

weren’t you the person offering to build a palatine keepstar? why did you quit?

(Yodik) #5

who said iam quit?

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bpo renting available

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bpo added

(Tipa Riot) #15

Why should I do that? If I need to build structure components, I buy BPCs for little money on contracts.

(Yodik) #16

try figure out difference between bpo and bpc.

(Tipa Riot) #17

I don’t get what you mean (I know the difference). This was a genuine question, as I might overlook something.

(Yodik) #18

then dont do that

(Lion Drome) #19

Yodik is not what we’d call the most diplomatic but allow me to explain the difference.

BPC Is a limited run item. Besides the fact that you have to keep inputting new orders, you get a better result materials wise as well with more items being built at once. Unless its a bug I’ve noticed that the more units you build, the less materials per product it requires overall

So for example building 10 Runs of 300 modules eats more resources then just 1 Run of 3000 modules. This was in a citadel though, no info does the same apply in an NPC station.

If the system has a low index, you could get some nice savings with that too if you catch it at a good time with a high volume order/s.

If I may recommed yodik. You could move the BPC to a reliable trustworthy citadel. Since you’ll be renting them anyhow the biggest expense will be 0.05% Tax from in-system asset safety if the citadel is destroyed.

(Tipa Riot) #20

I’m building components with 7-run BPCs, even in a citadel this takes two days. And I can start 10 jobs in parallel. Of course you get a better material ratio with more runs, this is not a bug, but ME is calculated per job not run.

I’m paying about ~80M in copies for 7 medium structures, which take ~5 days to build from scratch. The same with renting BPOs would cost me 5B in fees with 50B security for 10 BPOs. This offer does not make sense at all.

(Tiddle Jr) #21

Dis iz Rashen biznes baby.

(Yodik) #22

and building keepstar kit by 5 day’s. for example.