Yodik's market

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i got 200b to invest. you looking for a partner. lets actually do this

(Yodik) #24

do what?

(The Durantis) #25

i thought you wanted someone with time and resources help you in the venture to 1 day have a palatine keepstar

(Yodik) #26

its in another topic

(Lion Drome) #27

Upwell Palatine Keepstar Is what you’re looking for.

And do pardon Yodik. He is not someone we’d call “diplomatic” but he sure seems to be dedicated.

(The Durantis) #28

yeah offer to help withdrawn. to rude.

(Yodik) #29

farewell, forum warrior.

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(Lion Drome) #33

Might I suggest lowering the price or the security deposit somewhat. I’m sure you’d get a bit more business if the price was even half that for rent. Why not try for example 100 mil a month. Test at what price people start showing interest, and slowly raise it from there.

All the best.

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Free bump for the hero of Thera. Yodick will prevail o7