Upwell Palatine Keepstar

(Uriel the Flame) #106

Maybe he IS ratting in hisec plus also updates this scam once per month. :stuck_out_tongue: Seems not much time investment at least the monthly bump.

(Jaiden Solo) #107

I’m on #TeamYodik

Together we can make this happen.

(Yodik) #108

(Yodik) #109

2019 is last official year of yodik’s palatine project.

(Lester Loutte) #110

This is interesting. and I got around 3 reasons why.

  1. Building a Palatine Keepstar need a lot of investment and a lot of guys to defend it.
  2. This post is sketchy and looks like a scam.
  3. This is 99.99% a scam that actually don’t work.

(Amak Boma) #111

1000 pi alts, make p4 out of p2 p3 mine asteroids, produce structure components, here is how to do it

simply focus on one structure component type and work untill you reach it then go for next structure component and repear,repeat untill you have all components then be sure to have sufficient isk to install the job…

prolem with defending - agree, you cant anchor it in quiet place, since palatine is double hp of regular keepstar,the grind would just take bit longer

producing palatine keepstar in c1 null wormhole would be futile too,pretty quickly you would have hole camped 24/7 untill the palatine falls.

also if you produce it in highsec,you still need to move it,would you know how many people would fit cargo scanner to check ery freighter they see? the PK wuld be ganked before anchoring

palatine keepstar is another ccp failed isk sink,ever if you manage to build it you will have problem with it later. it would give too much attraction

its not scam

(Daoden) #112

Its a material sink not an isk sink.

(Yodik) #113

almost correct from my vision. from 1 january i have 108 pi alts with 4-4 skills. now they training skill to 5. i re-inventing method’s of pi gathering, looking for optimal chain’s. right now i not planning do pi alt’s more then 150, couse i not planning build palatine solo and this pi farm not will be non stop gathering. also, with command center skill at 5 i can produce p0 to p4 just pull p0 and take ready p4 after 5 hours.
i try mining ore in shattered wormholes and moon’s in regular wormholes, couse goon’s and few other alliance’s not accept me, thank god. but before palatine and till this day’s my best option is jedi mining and just buying ore. last step is my own manufacturing base, couse till now i using structures near jita and wormhole structure’s of friend’s.

wrong. its very risky project and from begining i decide to build by kits and exactly this wrote in project plan. so if something happen, project or investers will be have full kit’s of regular keepstar’s, not lot of 1 type component’s which useless in huge amount. yes, its not comfort for pi gathering and component’s production, but its mostly risk adaptive plan.

its not my problem. defend it will be work of its owner. i not planning be its owner.

anchoring place will be choosing by owner. but i planning built it in thera station, couse it mostly comfort place for transporting palatine to any eve place mostly fast.

anything is failed isk sink, its just question point of view.

no one can explain how it can be scam, ofc after reading plan.

(Yodik) #114

report 2018:
bpo library
resource balance
117 omega characters

last official year plan:
600+ plannetary colonies
wh farm group
project fixes in february

(Anderson Geten) #115

do you need help managing all that ?
I can make API driven program to know when jobs are ready, when extractor are done, etc.

also tell the number of bpo you have, grouped by category/group.

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(Agondray) #118

well it wouldnt be for nothing, itd make whoever does it eve famous.

1st to build a palatine keepstar
1st palatine keepstar to die
statue to first palatine keepstar to be around in eve of the accomplihment

and probably some social media front paging

(Yodik) #119

project is closed.

(Uriel the Flame) #120

So how many people fell for the scam? :upside_down_face:

(Michael Roeleveld) #121


(Anderson Geten) #122

you means besides the OP ?

(Wompie) #123

I am shocked, stunned, and amazed at this development.

(Zahara Cody) #124

Judging by the lack of people saying they were scammed, seem no one invested.

(Lion Drome) #125

Still no info if it was a scam, but if it was and some people fell for it, I doubt they’d speak up about it.

Shame that it isn’t happening though, he did seem to put a lot of work to it, what I find strange that in his other thread he was basically offered a 200 bil offer of assistance not long ago, but it was basically ignored. No clue really but, shame still.