Eve IPH vs KOHN.space calculations HULK

Hello there.

Trying to check out different websites to find out if a HULK will be worth it to build.

Find out very few different calculations on two different programs.

IPH says i will get a -30m profit.


Kohn.space says i should get +30m profit.


Whats going on??

so many variables affecting the final results, that might explain why you see so many different results…

With a BPC TE 4% Me 2% and considering you would buy all the components in Jita at Jita sell price (covetor included), my source indicate a loss of 16 millions.

But again with the same BPC, if you build all the final components yourself, like Oscillator Capacitor Unit, Pulse Shield Emitter etc and buy the required materials at Jita sell price (Crystalline Carbonide , Photonic Metamaterials , morphite, minerals like tritanium to build the covetor, etc), the loss turns to a 20 millions profit.

All exemples are calculated with the sell price value of the Hulk at Jita IV.

And if you go one more step further and do the reactions yourself to build your own materials and buy the chemical elements at Jita sell price (cadmium, mercury, etc), I’m sure the profit can be even higher. But it is really difficult to calculate.

now buy those chemical elements at jita buy price instead of sell price and your profit will even go higher…

So…clearly IPH is not working as per se…since i dont even see it on my preview List…still says -30m profit.
Dont know what else to do.

Thx anwyays

I’d have to see the full screen to see why it’s off.

  • do you use SO or BO for input material ?
  • did you enter your broker fee for input material ?
  • previous two for output
  • what decryptor do you use ?
  • which required material do you build ?
  • do you consider volumic price of input and output for hauling ?
  • I guess all simulators allow you to specify your copy/invention/production systems.

I took a look at both and it all has to do with the prices. All the rest of the numbers are the same. The website said a hulk sells for 336 but IPH downloads at 315.

Go through and look at it while you are looking at the market and see what prices are correct. I spot checked a few and IPH was the same as in game when downloading from the CCP data option. If you find something off, let me know.

336M SO @jita
315M BO@Jita


anyhow, both are wrong if they don’t consider the taxes, and the broker fee for SO.
(I guess they do)

so many variables affecting the final results… bla bla bla bla///

i told it many times - T2 BPOs are CANCER

Our corp has Hulk BPO,
and YES it is 10/20
so, unlike regular people, we can make them with profits

I would say, those old T2 BPO ARE the cancer….

They give an incredible advantage to their owners and false the market….

CCP should have removed them a long time ago. Of course, they would have had to compensate the owner in a way or another but they should have been removed…

Actually, the ‘incredible advantage’ you claim was lost a long time ago when CCP massively buffed invention.

Yes, I get a price advantage from a ME:10 Hulk BPO, but you can only produce about 7 a week and the sheer quantity of invented Hulks and the idiots that can’t do basic maths, so sell below cost is where your problem is.

To clarify my point, look at the Broadsword, which is currently selling at a 45mil loss, or the Devoter selling at a 61mil loss and tell me which BPO owner is causing these problems

(Hint: There are no Broadsword or Devoter BPOs)

I agree with what a few other’s have stated, when it comes to Sell Order/Buy Order pricing and in the multiple steps. IMO the multiple steps are the biggest reason you will show a net loss on a calculator if just making a bpc and buying the components, on most things. As someone who has done Hi sec industry alone for years, having a pos 1 jump into low doing reactions from what i buy off market BO’s and turning those reactions into components, i’ve been making t2 small ships at a large profit for a while. I don’t have any of my math on hand for you sadly but I can rough estimate that most small t2’s no matter the decryptor would result in a 2-5m loss per ship if you just did it the way the hulk is shown here. But creating your own components I can consistently see 50% ish profits on AF’s , this includes all fees/taxes and BO’s Purchases.

That said their are T2 things that can be made at a profit for simple buying things off market its just finding the right part to make.

it seems KOHN does not take account the orders placed @ player owned structures, especially sell orders.

I personally evaluate the price for EACH possible building process (each possible decryptor as well as recursively build or buy each materials) .

The difference in “gain” by producing your own intermediate items is actually a difference in time and hauling required. That is, considering the volume to move and the total time required (with same coefficient for manufacturing, invention, copy), then buying your items from market nets more isk/h from what I saw than building them.
Of course it depends on where you build, copy, invent, haul, sell.

I simulated building a hulk, doing copy//invention in ichinumi and manufacturing in isikano (very small cost indexes) , with an all-V character, I make a 654 k isk per cumulated job hour, in raitarus with no rig ; using “optimized augmentation decryptor” and only building 44 “fusion reactor unit” - and that’s with 0 hauling cost.

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