Iron lasso

A breakthrough in tractor beams have been made by minmatar scientists. iron lasso is the codename and they have yet to come up with a suitable name. but what they have discovered is a tractor beam that is instant and can reach upward of 100km if given enough power and it shows alot of promise.

Noctis can go 96km from last time I played.

That would mean this new tractor beam it could have a range of about 500km with those all else being equal

But isnt it interesting how they have had to give some ships role bonuses to tractor beams because they are just terrible otherwise

I wonder what using a tractor beam on a non wreck would do? Its probably not allowed, but it could be interesting to allow it and then balance it accordingly. I mean tractor beams for PVP. A more advanced webifier that also fits in a high slot. What a crazy thing

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Non-carriers can’t lock that far, so that sounds pretty useless to me.

It sounds cool until everyone fits one in a utility high and uses it on the enemy FC. Then it just ruins large-scale fights.

The point isnt that they can reach 500km if they benefit from the role bonuses that developers had to give to current tractor beams thats not their selling point. its that the new tractor beam tech is instant and reaches 100km by default (on wrecks).

i dont understand why you are so defeatist. its easy to come up with a module that prevents your ship from being tractor beamed by pvp tractor beams. if you want to critiize ideas please try harder because your criticism comes across as bad faith.

Then come up with one instead of puking out half-baked ideas and accusing everyone who disagrees of trolling.

So what purpose does this fill for the game over, say, an MTU? What ships can it be fit to, i.e. only to certain hulls or prohibitive PG/CPU? Have you considered the effects on high-value wrecks such as pochven observatory flashpoints or NPC sotiyos?

I think its safe to assume that if looting is made more convenient more people are going to do it? And if thats the case the prices on loot will drop. Which means in the end everyone will be making the same ISK per hour as they did before except now it more fun!

I’ll take that as a no then. Looting with an MTU is pretty convenient already.

But looting with everything else is not?

How will this “iron lasso” affect the convenience of looting with everything else then? We already have an MTU and this seems to step on its toes.

I will be honest i did not know about the MTU until now. After looking it up It seems to have longer range, its automatic and it doesent take up a fitting slot. So this module is more like a middle ground. MTU can also not be used close to stargates and what not. But MTU might need some love like expanding its Cargohold capacity. Thats all.

Not really, because if you load more in the mtu then you either lose loot or mtu(s) when you leave. The mtu empties as you pack it in, so you have to plan for how much it holds, plus the mtu itself.

And not many folks are going to want to give love to the mtu considering it killed gameplay of people fleeting together. One to destroy ships while the other scoops it all with a noctis or destroyer

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