Is advanced ammo worth it for Level 4 missions?

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To quote the great tactician Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka “don’ be a grot boyz, ifn yewz kan git mor dakka, alwuz git mor dakka”.

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Thanks for the info. Though, to be honest, if I go back to null-sec, I doubt I’ll be running missions. When I lived there before I could easily clear 100-200M/h just hunting random rats in asteroid belts, and from what I’ve heard they’ve vastly improved ratting in null-sec since then.

Plus, with my standings against most null-sec factions, it would likely take me months of tedious work to get anywhere near a level 4 agent :slight_smile:

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l1 agents are always available.

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At least two of the pirate factions (Guristas and Archangels) are a breeze to get standings for. They both have their own special L3 Epic Arc.


Both of those give you 30% base Faction Standings, which is a MASSIVE amount by any standard, and which unlike other faction standings do NOT concomitantly increase/decrease other faction standings! Get Social V and those standings turn into 37.5%, which along with Diplomacy I will get you from -10.0 to just over -2.0 so you can access L2-4 agents.

Both arcs take an evening to complete, each, and can be completed in frigates. I use a sub-2s rage rocket malediction myself. Also, both arcs can be started from Empire agents, so you don’t need to have good Guristas or Archangel standings to gain access to these arcs.

Lastly, the arcs grant you something like 25% corp standings, which helps push you up to being able to access L3 missions right off the bat. Oh, and each Arc mission counts as an L3 mission for unlocking a Storyline mission of the same level, so after the arc you just need to run 4-6 more L3 missions to reach the 16/16 requirement to unlock a storyline, which you can then complete for HUGE amounts of Corp standings to get you even closer to, or above, 5.0 corp so you can access L4 missions.

Don’t even joke about running L1 missions. They are CCP’s ultimate punishment for those who have damned their standings.

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every epic rewards is provided as faction standing without derived.

also, make L1 distrib to get storyline faster, in order to get above -2 with faction.

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You can invent your own T2 BPC’s and build T2 ammunition for yourself. That way you will not pay taxes etc. Couple weeks of training and you are good to go.

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Yea, I’ve done that. Got a lot of T2 crystals, which seems to be well worth it, but for turret ammo and missiles the material cost and the rate you expend the ammo at doesn’t really seem to be worth it, compared to just buying them in bulk at trade hubs. It’s a lot of effort to gather the materials yourself, and pretty pricey to buy them.

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Tech 2 ammo is generally priced well enough (vs faction) to use in any weapon type in any situation.

I feel faction ammo is a bit more situational.

For energy turrets; always use faction or tech 2. Always. Tech 1 crystals are trash.

If the weapon system has a long cycle time like artillery- faction all the way, the extra price is easier to justify with a smaller ammo expenditure and faster kill times.

If I’m shooting another player, I’ve got faction ammo loaded, doesn’t matter which weapon system I’m using.

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yep, but its still ammo, and ammo is cheap. Faction ammo is cheap, t2 ammo is dirt cheap, and t1 ammo literally isn’t worth using as the dps loss hurts far more than the savings. Okay sure, the rare pirate faction ammo is expensive, but that doesn’t typically trade in a volume where you can even use it.

faction ammo is the default +15% dps over t1, I’ll use it every single time.

they were correct, but I don’t know that anyone has updated them in a while. SoE Lp has gone down, and burners were recently changed to tank more meaning the completion rate has slowed down some resulting in lower incomes.

if you run non-soe missions you can get higher isk/lp but less lp per hour as you will incur more travel time between missions due to constellation layout, and traffic bottle necking.

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