Is CAD 3D printing the future?

I was watching a YouTube video on the future of 3D printed homes and an actual planned community in Mexico.
While watching I thought and found out that many materials including wood can be 3D printed using these machines, obviously the future is wide open as to what can be created with printers that can print whole homes and scaling up shouldn’t be an issue as the technology becomes more widely available.

A question for those in the community who are CAD users is what program out there is good for learning CAD that is easy on the less tech savvy with programming.

The video 3D printed homes

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I’m no expert, I just read a lot. You can dip your toes in this area with Windows10 “paint 3d” app, Google’s spun-off SketchUp, and (also free) if you have a LOT of time to read documentation or tutorial videos, Blender. Blender can do just about anything, but its quite overwhelming for the beginner.

It might also be good to point out that while 3D printing is the now and future, it isn’t the end-all of automated manufacturing. It is a from-nothing additive process, but, industry still makes good use of subtractive manufacturing, via CNC routers and milling. Depending on the application, a solid block of material that is reduced to a usable part may be better than the same part, built up from layers (typical 3D printing).

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Thanks so much, seems very exciting what the future may hold and to be a part of it.

Scott Onstott has a number of excellent books on this too, fwiw.

I see, thanks, his books have good ratings.

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