Is CCP Rise still around?

I’ve not heard from the guy for ages.

Alas CCP Rise was involved in a unfortunate gambling event involving a team of female whale riders, a three legged pirate and some angry penguins. There are some reports he was kidnapped for breeding rituals and was last seen heading towards Papua New Guinea.

It has been several months since…


I was just wondering this the other day. All this balance stuff going on and haven’t heard anything from one of the guys usually doing a lot of it. Maybe he heard some rumblings of a carrier nerf and knowing what happened last time decided to use his vacation till it all blows over.

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May we live in interesting times…

yes, CCP Rise is still around.

Working on alliance tournament stuff?

Oh Steve…

I had them then… …sigh

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He’s very much still around, and is working on Team Size Matters :smiley:

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His beard is so dreamy. I often wonder if he has chest hair as well to make it a truely complete man-package.

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