CCP limiting replies to the Price increase thread

LMAO CCP limiting replies to the price hike thread to 5 for new users, How am I a new user? This account is old and the character is from 2016. ISD’s censoring the thread because they can’t take the beating they deserve.


theyre in full damage control


it looks like it tbh. shadow banning comments and then jumping in the comments to duke it out with forum users, I hope CCP is in full panic mode right now.

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And the ISDs arguing all over that thread about moderation… they can’t even follow their own rules.

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It is a comical clown show to watch. Shocking, So many companies are just commiting suicide these days for no reason.


Is that not Discrimination ???
limiting replies?

Quite the opposite. It’s shutting down the whiny dirtbags so EVERYONE gets a chance to voice their opinion. Letting the trolls run wild would be discriminating against players with legit feedback.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Well I have legit feed back yes sir

Not if you need more than five posts, you don’t. You’re just crying at that point.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Not if your an over powered ISD … above the rules and with multiple fake accounts to argue back with.

I hate seeing speech limited, but Mr. Epeen has a point. IF we expect CCP to read through and tally responses, it’s important to limit the banter and back-and-forth communications forums like these typically generate. Why they didn’t put up a poll to measure dissent is beyond me–perhaps, it’s was to hide the actual number of people who are horrified at a price hike (now of all times)?

This game isn’t cheap right now, and honestly I expected to see Omega prices DROP to $9 per account, and thought to myself “wow, this is going to be good for the game because it will bring more people in…”

Seeing a move in the other direction is shocking.

As with the topic of discussion. I see the supporters hard at work here. In a way I get it, no one wants to deal with a lot of emotional venting. But as most have noted over the years CCP has a track record of disregarding player input. Many have noted the failures of proposed projects. And I can relate to the distrust of those players. Come on CCP, get a clue before it is too late.

Hi, @Meltazor4011.

I can probably awnser your question:

When CCP decided to set up a new forum as their old one degraded due to the high number of posts, yadda yada ya, they chose to use a rising star in the forum software world called Discourse. - Discourse is open source, and really cool software, you can find out more about it here:

Because of this, they are somewhat limited in how the authentication workflows work, meaning the forums do not have access to your player account, your registration date, or in-game activity.

So while you have been playing since 2016, the forums only know about you from the date you first logged in, and only know about your activity within the software. - I hope that clarifies why you may be limited by restrictions that have been targeted as “new accounts”.

As for the ISDs, I'm sure I'll catch hate for this but here we go....

Go easy on them, they are in a pretty ■■■■ position today. Like us, ISD are players and not CCP employees. That means they are stuck with the decisions CCP makes, with almost certainly no input, after all that role, in theory, is CSM.

In addition the abuse they will be getting today, they also need to make the same decisions we need to make - will they pay $5/month/account more, will they quit, will they reduce their accounts.

As for me, I’ll probably drop an account and go down to two. I hope whatever choice you all make is one that suits you, and I hope you have a better day tomorrow :slight_smile:


Your reply is impressive. You are the first honest person I have seen reply to most of the posts I have seen today. As we both have noted the cost increase is not a popular one, esp at this time of increased costs for the basic needs of a household. I understand the desire to make money on investments. However, the timing is everything. And now is not the time to increase the costs of playing EVE. Back around 2017-2019 would have been better. Due to the fact that the costs of living were manageable.
Best wishes.

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If they had jacked up the price in 2017 then you’d have been paying $20 a month for five years longer than if they jacked it up next month.

Please explain how that would be better?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I see your point, back then I could afford the increase. Now it is really a no-brainer. To pay or not to pay. In my case, it is not to pay after my time codes run out. I am on a fixed income. I play EVE to pass the time till my maker calls me home. Real-life has me in a position that I never thought I would be in. And this increase leaves me out in the cold so to speak. So I’ll see what the net has to offer.
Best wishes

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Like some others here, when i first saw the post i expected a price drop was incoming. Very surprised about it going in the other direction. I think this is a bad move that will decrease Omega subs and send plex prices much higher.

It’ll take roughly 4 players paying the higher rate to make up for 1 player leaving or unsubbing an account because of this change. This change makes literally no sense at all.

It does when you consider that CCP is fully aware that 99.99% of the people having an aneurysm over this price increase are going nowhere. Like every time before, they’ll whine and cry for a week and then quietly accept the new paradigm.

You have only your nearly two decades of theatrical melodramatic meltdowns to blame for this. You’re like football players. Falling on the ground and rolling around like CCP just snapped your leg in two only to hop up a few seconds later and jump back in to the game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I disagree. There has been a drop in players. A substantial one if we’re being fair. About 10k from every timezone have been gone for a while now. IF they are that arrogant, then you’re right–this change would make sense.

But, hilarious metaphor about the football players. That made me smile :slight_smile: