Is It a Rumor?

I read in this forum that CCP is doing away with the Skill Queue.

I’m sorry if I read the forum and stumble upon lies.

Is it a rumor?

Can anyone tell me for sure?

@ISD_Traindriver You could answer that question instead of closing threads like a robot.

@CCP_Swift May I have an answer on that? Thank you.

@Brisc_Rubal ? ISD, May you answer that question, please? Do you know? If not, who does? Thank you.


Asking if is not rumor mongering.

According to @ISD_Traindriver it is.

Can’t even ask a question in this forum without being jumped on by trolls and overzealous ISD.
That’s bad. That is not a good way to run a forum.

The forums are dead. CCP used the ISD to kill the forums.

Why?? Too many inconvenient questions?

I watchd Fanfest this year live, right now I just googled a part ofit.

pay attention at around 46:40 what the Dev on stage says, as he shows his slide and there is your answer


You should ask that question to the people claiming it.

After the Mintchip incident CCP started to care too much about their public image. No mean things allowed!

Why can’t eve posters just be normal.

Oh looks like they’re switching to Perpetuum’s style of free SP accumulation.

He said “No more training queue”
That’s my answer.

Thank you very much!!

I appreciate your post! Thank you for not biting my head off.

@ISD_Traindriver NOW you can close this thread as I got my answer straight from CCP.
Knock yourself out, Thread Killer.


yep :saluting_face:

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You support trolls on this forum by liking their poopoo posts, you’re no better than a troll, in fact you’re worse for encouraging them.
You have no more credibility as far as I’m concerned.


@ISD_Traindriver and you sir should get a clue, I dont know how new you are…but if you cant keep abreast of things the Company you volunteered for is talking about or doing, you probably should not be a moderator…

Calling a simple question rumor mongering soon as its spoken without asking someone above your pay grade, speaks highly of negligence, arrogance, and Stupidity.

For God’s sakes i was able to google the ANSWER!


Als long, there is no official Anouncement from CCP Members, it is, indeed Rumor Mongering my Friends.

A Keynote with published roadmap ist no confirmation, what will happen in the End, and how changes would be implementet.

I will reopen the Orginal Post in this Case but close this one here.

Stay friendly…