Is it possible to change the fleet lock colour?

Many years ago when CCP did a series of QoL changes for overviews they changed the colour of fleet locks from yellow to purple. The logic was square boxes would show up when locked by anyone, and red if you got shot. But CCP wanted to make it easier to tell friendly locks apart from potentially hostile locks.

Unfortunately, the colour purple was chosen as that is the default colour in other parts of the UI for fleet members, but a purple square on a purple background is really hard to see. Because my overviews do a good job of filtering out fleet members or non-fleet members depending on my needs, I’d love to be able to make the fleet lock colour yellow again.

I was talking to someone a while ago who swore it was possible, but I can’t work it out, so not sure if it’s buried in the yml file somewhere or if they had gone insane. If anyone knows, I’d appreciate a tip.

Purple squares for “friendly locks”?
Hm, maybe I’m too color-blind to see a difference between red and purple, but I never noticed that being a thing.

You can change it in overview standings

Someone told me that and I looked but I can’t find it for the life me.

opened the game up just to get this pic for you… arrows show you where to look to change fleet color…

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Thank you for the screen shot.

I know how to change the icon or the row colour, but I’m looking to change the square box that flashes around the icon.

Is it tied to the background colour?

Basically I want the box to be a different colour to the icon/row color if possible to make lufe a bit easier.

I know in theory I could just change the row folour to anything else to get the same affect, but changing fleet to any other colour would probably be a bad mood as purple has meant fleet member to me since 2007 :wink:

fyi, this is the square I was talking about: (loo at Pazzolupo)

I would assume when you change fleet color that would change too, i dont remember

Okay, interesting. So there are two colour options for fleet:

  1. Colour tag - the icon on the chat member list, in space brackets, and the colour of the square I’m trying to change;


  1. Background which is the colour of rows on the overview.

It’s not ideal because it means I have to choose between being able to see the coloured box, or using a different colour for one of these settings like red, yellow, blue or green. The problem with that option is that each of these colours has very different meanings.

So it’s a workable solution but a very bad one. Anyway, thanks for the help!

I just double-checked that and can confirm: It’s indeed a thing. I can’t remember to have noticed that during 9 years playing. ^^

Maybe the Photon UI-team can have a look at this as well.

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