Color Fleet Commander Messages in Fleet Chat Window

I want to suggest to color the Fleet Commander chat messages in the fleet chat window.

This way it would become easier to distinguish Fleet Commander messages from the other fleet members. Optionally the color could be selected and set in the fleet options and maybe even be stored in the fleet setups.


Put that here as well:

In any decent fleet you should be using voice chat. If you need to see FCs messages in fleet chat through spam - i suggest you find a better fleet with proper discipline.

Fair point and I absolutely agree to recommend voice chat for many fleet types, but not everyone can always use it. I see the feature more as an addition, which can give Fleets another small tool at their belt to communicate. Maybe it is a tiny feature that can be used to make the fleet chat a bit more meaningful, than just being used for spam, especially in fleets with proper discipline already.


Good idea. Though i wonder if it will be misinterpreted now that we have different colours for url’s, fleet invites, hyperlinks, etc etc

Fleet members trying to click on normal chat and wondering why it’s not going anywhere.

True and good point. At the moment I’m aware of four colors in fleet chat. White for the standard text, yellow for URLs, orange for item links and blue for chat/fleet invites. I guess that the ability to choose the color either as a fleet chat option or as a personal configuration setting would mitigate the problem as an appropriate color could be chosen. But it would also be necessary to educate pilots about the new possibility and to not mix it up with the other four colors.

Setting the color would, by the way, also allow to disable the feature, by simply using the default text color.

On another side note, the chat options tab in the general settings window is also still very empty at the moment, which maybe indicates some potential. :blush:

It could be done like your own highlighted messages. Just more visible. The entire background of the message line could be colored purple. Currently, the “Highlight My Message” chat feature is very faint. It could be improved as well in the process.

Could always just idk… pay atention.

That’s true. It’s not a necessity, only a quality of life change. A lot is going on, on the screen and for me, this type of little helper would let me find the important information more quickly. @Ms_Steak mentioned for example, that at some point a better quality of life improvement would be more disciplined pilots in the fleet, which is correct, but up to this point, the highlight could, in my opinion, help a little already.

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