Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Distinguish between destination and waypoints in Assets

Keywords: ui, route, assets

Currently, any station that is in a system on our route is highlighted yellow in the Assets window (and other places, such as Market Details.) The destination system should be green, or another color.

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Suggestion: Ability to see in the Structure Browser the base reprocessing % of a structure with reprocessing service
Keywords: refinery, reprocessing, structure browser
Note: Useful so not to have to dock in each refinery to check it

Base reprocessing percent that comes from structure native bonus and T1 or T2 rig for that has a huge impact on mineral yield from ore, because of this base and all the reprocessing skills getting multiplied by each other. With max skills the base % alone gets about doubled as part of the end result while in HS, which is key to stay competitive on the market with the minerals or ships made from them.
However in a new place or after a break from Eve, I have to fly to each refinery in a travel frigate with 1 unit of compressed ore, because there is no other efficient way to check it for sure, structure names are often misleading.


edit of edit: SISI has collapse button at this time but it’s not a general one, every tree needs to be collapsed anyway, this doesn’t fix the issue

Suggestion: A button to collapse all expanded item lists in the market and ship fitting windows
Keywords: collapsible, item lists, market, fitting window
Note: Useful to manage those windows when checking many things

The more stuff is checked, especially in market window, the more item lists expand, and each has to be collapsed manually with a mouse. Keep them expanded and it gets to too much scrolling and window as a whole becomes hard to read. It also is carried on to some 3rd party tools like Pyfa and in Pyfa case the developer can’t do anything about it on his end if it isn’t changed in game.


Suggestion: Don’t require fleet finder ad updates

Keywords: ui, fleet

It’s very frustrating to keep reposting fleet finder ads - at least let it stay open to our corp

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Suggestion: Allow the removal or addition of skills in the Apply Skill Points menu, similar to how you can remove and add skills in the Queue.
Keywords: UI, skill queue, skill menu, apply skill points
Notes: I have some free SP that I want to apply to certain skills only. I do not want to rearrange the skill queue or remove skills from it just so that I can apply the SP in that sub menu accordingly. I also do not want to right click every single skill I want to give SP to apply an individual amount of SP repeatedly.

Suggestion: Color the Fleet Commander chat messages
Keywords: chat, fleet
Note: Easier to distinguish Fleet Commander messages from the other fleet members

Optionally the color could be selected and set in the fleet options and maybe even be stored in the fleet setups. It could become another small tool in the belt of the fleet to improve communication.


Suggestion: Add default corp roles

Keywords: corps

We shouldn’t have to apply a title to every new member to give them a set of roles

Suggestion: Rotating reticules for current target and focus selection in Overview.
Keywords: UI, Overview, Targeting

In the heat of battle or quick manoeuvring it’s not always easy to keep track of what your current focus is and you can easily click an order for something only to realise that it has executed it against an unintended object. What I suggest is a UI change so that your current focus selection and combat target both have the rotating reticules around them in the Overview, also slightly distinguishing them from each other by perhaps making the combat target reticule red for example. When your focus selection matches your combat target these two reticules could perhaps combine into a single red/white reticule in the overview.

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Suggestion: Ability to magnet size of an inventory window
Keywords: ui, window size
Note: Easier window width scale depending on amount of “columns” of items u need

I want to talk about inventory windows

  1. Ship hangar
    Item hangar

  2. Station window

Players do variety of things in EVE, but we all spend plenty of time moving items from one place to another,
and being efficient with window size and placement to create some kind of a standards for them selves.

Good example of a standard comes from “Compact mode” from a any dedicated window
cc57f61ff7 <= It feet exactly 1 column of items That’s great
And it has reserved place for a scroll,which works good creating extra free space for manually selecting 2 or more items (consuming 2 boosters etc.) if you fit all of the contained items in window.

And here comes the Ship\Item hangar windows.

For example, for me its comfortable to have 3 columns of items when i want to quickly check “Do i have all of the stuff i need or not” etc. (simple things).
in some cases we all need to open it wide CTRL+Click items we need and move them somewhere, and it so uncomfortable to change it back to “normal” size.

Just to mention
Using other ways to see things is not an option because amount of Given information per square pixel is to dam low.

Same issue with ships\items in station window its more a problem of a window it self
because that’s minimum width size of it feels a strange:

Thanks for reading. fly safe o7

Suggestion: Minimize inventory windows when taking control of a structure

Keywords: ui, structures
Note: Just like undocking

Suggestion: Default chat window settings

Keywords: ui, chat
Note: Default input area size, font size, (compact) member list, etc

Suggestion: Exporting fleet setups

Keywords: fleets, logs, third-party
Note: Allow us to share fleet setups with others out of game

Suggestion: Ability to sort Loot History

Keywords: ui, fleets, loot
Note: I’d love to be able to sort by pilot or item

Suggestion: Auto-save overviews

Keywords: ui, overview
Note: Not having to export an overview on every change would be nice


Not sure if this has been posted before, but here’s my ‘little things’ issue which has been bugging me for years. I dock my system map (F9) to the left edge of the screen, and have it open almost half the time, and certainly 100% of the time if I’m playing as a hunter or scanner. I also use the vertical target layout (so locked targets appear beneath one another), with the first column of targets being right next to my overview on the right side of the screen.

When I open the system map, certain UI elements which are aligned with the left border of my screen get conveniently moved to the right, to prevent blocking the system map. This works very well. However, one of those UI elements is the ‘locked targets’ area, which causes the first column to be moved behind my overview. That means that half the time, the fight is just starting, I have to spend valuable seconds moving UI elements around to even uncover the targeting column, then moving that column back to where it was before.

Please make it so opening the system map doesn’t move the locked targets UI element, please please pretty please thank you so much and have a nice day.

edit: to clarify, this is my UI layout:

this is what I get if I lock something while having the system map open:

not that in order to fix this, I have to first move the ‘Selected Item’ element, in order to grab the little crosshair that moves targets around, move it back to where it was, then move the ‘Selected Item’ element back where it was.

thisis what it should look like:


Suggestion: Separate damage and repair feedback
Keywords: UI
Note: If you are receiving & inflicting damage at the same time as transferring & receiving reps the stacked messages are an unreadable mess.


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Suggestion: Have kill marks show both kills for a ship & total for that type of ship.
Keywords: Graphics, Visual Aid
Note: Adding both active kill marks and kills for ship type not only acts as something to boast about for the pilot but it also acts as an indicator for their overall skill.

Total of 57 kills using this hull type
3 active kills in this particular ship.

Suggestion: Ability to Change a Module Target without having to wait 
for a Complete Module Deactivation.
Keywords: Modules Activation, Module Activation Delay, Mechanics.
Note: Allow us to assign a new target to be attacked by weapons 
without having to wait for a complete module deactivation. The Weapon 
Activation be more more like Drone Engagement.

It would be much more practical if weapons (modules) activation command that need a target behaved more like the drone engagement command (attack- engage). In that we no longer need to wait for the Module Activation Delay to turn off the module completely before we can assign a new target for weapons to attack next.


Suggestion: Show Total Net Worth when character portrait is collapsed on Character Sheet

Keywords: ui, character sheet
Note: Things like omega and security status, and home station are already shown when the portrait is collapsed

Suggestion: Ability to Set Destination to a region, to go to nearest system

Keywords: ui, route
Note: this would be very helpful for efficiently getting into a region to use the market or contracts

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Suggestion: Display bookmarks in overview panel
Keywords: ui, bookmarks
Note: If select bookmark and set “show in overview panel”, then see her as station/planet and can warp directly. add option in overview panel setting - “show labeled bookmarks”


Suggestion: Ability to create contracts from the Industry>Blueprints window.

Keywords: UI, Industy, Contracts

Note: It would be so much easier to sell finished blueprints, or move them to alts if we could contract directly from the Industry window. Sure it’s possible to contract remotely from asset view, but when you have hundreds of blueprints, some 10/20, some 10/0, it gets tedious to sort them.
(Random tip I accidentally discovered btw, if you are in the same station where your blueprints are, you can drag them from Indy screen into a ship/container and they’ll move)

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Suggestion: Add “Add to Watch List” to the radial menu second layer when you activate it in the fleet window.
Keywords: UI, fleet window, radial menu
Notes: More often than not I encounter myself activating the Radial Menu when I want to drag someone into watch list. Instead of doing this with Right Click, the Radial Menu would be more convenient, has a better mouse flow and requires less aiming with the mouse cursor.


Suggestion: Add “Empty To Hangar” option for containers

Keywords: ui, containers, hangar
Note: Manually emptying a bunch of containers (or repackaging to do so) is a massive pain.

Suggestion: Remove or disable most if not all pop-ups
Keywords: UI, pop-up, usability, login redemptions, jump gates
Note: From a usability perspective, pop-ups are often the wrong choice. I would like to propose that you rework or allow us to disable most, if not all, pop-ups in the game. The ones at the forefront of my mind are the redemption UI from the character selection screen and the ansiblex jump gate payment confirmation pop-ups.

The first redemption pop-up has a toggle in the lower right corner which allows the user to select whether or not to see it upon login. This is a welcome usability feature and is one which is repeated in several place (such as in the Agency window upon login). However, if you then expand the redemption bar at the bottom of the character selection screen and drag a reward to a character, an unavoidable modal pop-up appears to inform us that the reward has been redeemed and is placed in some location. This modal requires a click to dismiss. It gets more annoying when there are multiple rewards being redeemed, as there is one modal for each reward. This is further exacerbated when one has multiple characters to take through a daily login campaign.

Another pop-up I’d like to see reworked is the one for payment confirmation when using an Ansiblex jump gate. For a single gate, this pop-up feels like it might be a reasonable exception to the pop-up guideline. But when one is using a jump bridge network (especially when it is an oft-used and trusted one), the pop-ups get pointless and annoying quickly. Perhaps, a hotkey to dismiss (in addition to the button on the window) would be helpful here. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the cost more prominently displayed: there is a bunch of text and I often struggle to find the bit of the message which actually changes and which matters to me.

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