Is it possible to get a UPK BPO?

I know you can buy the BPC from the loyalty store but is it possible to aquire the BPO somehow?

Forgive me, but what UPK stands for?

No. If you could, then it wouldn’t be in the LP store in the first place. Just like there is no BPO for an Astero, or Navy Drake, or anything else that is in the LP store…

Guessing he means the Upwell Palatine Keepstar.

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There is currently one being built… so you will not be able to build it.

Citation needed :stuck_out_tongue:

srsly? @Yodik is building one… and last i checked, you could only have one Palatine Keep. Unless i’m thinking of the wrong one…

He has a thread that says he has 5 out of 500 investors, wanting to build one isn’t the same as actually managing to build one

And yes you can only have 1, that wasn’t the part i was disputing

not yet.

let him try.

If I’m not mistaken, there can be multiple ones build, but only one anchored at one time.

I thought only one could exist even while being built… my bad

Even if that were the case he isn’t currently “building” one, he is just amassing the resources he would need to build one

Ya never know. Maybe he got a hold of his moms credit card and is already halfway there.

Not sure a credit card will cause materials that don’t exist to spawn, the issue with the UPK is the amount of PI materials needed, i mean maybe if he paid for a bunch of omega accounts it might help :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure if i bought out the entire market of PI, and then wait another month, and repeat, and keep repeating for like a year, id have enough.

I mean give it a decade and maybe lol

We can still make it, as long as we have enough money. Give me your moms credit card and ill show you.

Ahh, the moment the average Eve player give us a glimpse of his views of the average Eve player. Always entertaining.

Well, yeah. You think I’d ever use my moms credit card instead? She’d kill me and throw me out of the house.

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